Southampton Township School District (05-4930)

Southampton Township School District

The Southampton Township School District consisting of School #1 (K-2), School #2 (3-5), and School #3 (6-8) is located in the center of quaint and historic Vincentown Village. Having the entire district located on one campus fosters a sense of “school community” and provides a comfortable continuity for students. The schools are the center of community activity and the quality of education is vitally important to the entire community. The staff is creative, innovative and attentive to the needs of the students. Their concern for the well being of each child is central to the successes of the school district.

The Board of Education, administration, and staff, strive to provide a comprehensive educational program which will prepare students both academically and socially to become successful and responsible citizens. In addition, our school district has a very active and supportive PTA. This dedicated group of parents and teachers enhances the educational program by sponsoring assembly programs, class parties and school dances.

Articulation between the elementary and high school programs receive a high priority, shared services, coordination of effort and general support are hallmarks of the relationship shared by all districts in the region. Tangible evidence of this is the Lenape Council, an organization of the region’s superintendents who collaborate on projects such as labor relations, staff development, transportation, and curriculum development.

Curriculum development and staff development are vitally important to the district. The Board of Education and administration feel that a strong curricula and ongoing professional development for teachers has a significant impact on enhancing classroom instruction and performance of our students on the PARCC. With this in mind, the school district provides an extensive variety of profession development opportunities for the teachers and support staff.

A five-year curriculum matrix is used by the district to review and modify the curricula. Under constant scrutiny, with an ever vigilant eye toward improvement, the curricula is designed to address the New Jersey Student Learning Standards to be challenging to the students, and to reflect the best available thinking in the field of education.

The School district also benefits from the generosity of the Southampton Township Academic Resources (STAR) Foundation, an education foundation that raises funds to support creative and innovative educational programs. The STAR Foundation provides funds for programs that are not and would not be supported by tax dollars. To date the STAR Foundation has awarded almost $275,000 to the district for major and mini-grants.

Preparing our students for succeeding in an increasingly technology oriented society is another priority of the school district. This is evidenced by projects such as the mini-television studio, interactive Smart Boards in every classroom to supplement instruction, the availability of mobile computer labs that can be used in classrooms, and the district's current initiative to achieve a one to one environment (laptop for every student). In addition, during the summer of 2016 the district reconfigured the School #2/#3 computer lab into a S.T.E.M. lab.

During the upcoming school year the district is continuing with the development of several major initiatives that are the basis for school district goals. These initiatives include the development of Reader’s Workshop in grades K-5, implementation of "Project Gateway" a middle school S.T.E.M. curriculum that articulates with Seneca High School's "Project Lead the Way" program, a major revision of the K-2 technology program and shifting the K-5 Southampton Township Enrichment Program (S.T.E.P.) for gifted and talented students to a S.T.E.M. related focus.

In addition, the 2016-2017 school year will be the second year of Writer’s Workshop in grades K-5, continuing implementation of close reading protocols, and intensive professional development to facilitate the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

The district also has a Response to Intervention program that addresses the needs of students who require additional assistance pertaining to reading and mathematics, as well as providing enrichment activities for learners performing on or above their grade level.

Together all of the district’s stakeholders are striving to “Build a Tradition of Excellence.”