Westampton Township Public School District (05-5720)

Westampton Township Public School District


Welcome to the Westampton School Report Card and thank you for your interest in our schools.

The Westampton Township Public School District is proud to boast that our great reputation and, “WESTAMPTON GIANT PRIDE,” is a direct result of our dedicated staff, supportive parents/guardians, and an involved community. Westampton is a mid-sized, Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade school district that is located among the communities of Mt. Laurel, Willingboro and Mt. Holly. There are two outstanding schools located in our community: Holly Hills Elementary School and Westampton Middle School. Our schools remain a source of great pride to our town, located in the heart of Burlington County. The community of Westampton is one of the five sending districts of the Rancocas Valley Regional High School District and is proud of the fact that our students are active and vital participants in the programs offered at Rancocas Valley Regional High School.

The Westampton Board of Education is a nine member Board that usually conducts its meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meetings are held in the Westampton Middle School Media Center which is located next to the Municipal Complex on Rancocas Road. The members of the Board of Education are committed to ensuring that each and every child in the district is provided an opportunity to be challenged academically in a nurturing environment which espouses a philosophy that all children can and will succeed. The Board of Education takes its responsibility to our children very seriously, as well as in fiscally prudent and educationally superior context.

Although our schools are primarily educational centers, we serve our community in many other ways. They are vital components of the entire Westampton community. The cooperative working relationship that exists between the educational leaders and the community’s political leaders is very evident when it comes to sharing and maintaining our school facilities. The partnership with the community’s civic organizations and local municipality is one of the features that make Westampton a highly desirable school district.

The educational programs in Westampton continue to be served by an administrative, teaching and support staff that is committed to creating an environment which is focused on the following: The Westampton Township Public Schools will provide a high quality, age appropriate, standards-based, educational experience that empowers children to reach their academic potential, become well-rounded individuals, and develop a love for learning within a safe, secure, nurturing academic environment. The social environment is one which fosters: risk taking; development of positive self-esteem; individuality; respect for diversity; social consciousness; positive social interaction; and encourages students to expand their roles as active participants in their community and world. We encourage all of our school stakeholders to: “Be open! Be creative! Be accountable!”

In support of our Mission Statement, the Board of Education provides a wide variety of programs that focus on educating and challenging all of our children in the, “least restrictive environment” possible. Both of our schools provide services and extra-curricular programs that are designed to give every child significant opportunities to grow academically, athletically, emotionally and socially.