Audubon Public School Disrict (07-0150)

Audubon Public School Disrict

It is with great pride that we present the Annual School Report Card for the Audubon Public Schools. Enclosed you will find very important information and data for each of our schools. While much of the data contained in this document is valuable, it does not address the many other facets of our district.

The district is very fortunate to have involved parents, students who are eager to learn, and a community that supports its schools. All stakeholders are engaged in carrying out the mission of the district which states: In partnership with our students, families, and communities, the Audubon Public Schools will educate all students by providing motivating and challenging learning experiences embedded in technology that prepare them to achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels, in a safe setting of mutual respect, in order to develop ethical, productive citizens who will contribute to the local and global community.

Our staff benefits from an ongoing professional development program. Seminars and workshops are presented in every area of the curriculum. Educational experts are utilized to provide the staff with the latest skills and knowledge. Additional staff development also occurs through out-of-district workshops and conferences. Teachers often attend specific trainings and then turnkey what they have learned with their colleagues. PLCs collaborate on instruction and curriculum by grade level and content area. We also provide opportunities for teachers to participate in K-12 PLCs, year round. Every teacher is highly qualified and they meet the Professional Learning requirements outlined by the state.

Each school continues to address test scores by constantly revising the curriculum, utilizing various instructional techniques and expanding interventions through the RTI program. The RTI program is based on the highly regarded national program that is designed to identify and remediate students who are at risk of performing below standard on the New Jersey mandated assessments. The program has been fully implemented at the elementary level and will be expanded to the secondary level. Over time, this research based program will result in higher performance for our at risk students.

At the high school, the school choice program has now expanded to over 100 students from its starting number of eleven in 2011. The program has become so successful that it requires a lottery for admission. The students who attend our high school through this program have become positive contributors not only in the classroom but in the extracurricular activities in which they participate. In addition, this program has infused additional revenue into the district which has helped to support many of our academic initiatives.

In addition to the many offerings of a traditional K-12 school system, Audubon Public Schools provides many other programs and activities. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the district website at: to find out more. Thank you for taking the time to review the information on our district.