The Barrington School District is a Kindergarten through Grade 8 district located in Camden County. The district strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where community members help our staff and stake-holders create life-long learners through character development, technological proficiency, and adhering to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Barrington possesses a multitude of academic programs designed to cater to the complex and ever-changing needs of our student population. The district strives to provide high quality instruction in an inclusion setting, while utilizing Response to Intervention strategies to set up our students to succeed. Barrington also provides in-class support, supplemental instruction, in-class replacement, and adapted assignments based on student need and learning style. We offer a comprehensive curriculum based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards that is flexible and accommodates all levels of ability to reflect both cognitive and affective goals. Barrington students are presented with a program of study that includes instruction in reading/language arts, mathematics, health and physical education, social studies, art, music, library skills and science (with a focus on STEAM based instruction). Students learn to use technology as an integral part of their education to access, process and communicate information. Technology is available to students in the computer lab, library and classrooms in the form of iPads, iPods, and Chromebooks. World language instruction is provided for students in grades K-3 through their core subject areas, and Spanish instruction is provided for students in grades 4-8. Other programs include Gifted and Talented, English-as-a-Second-Language, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Room access, Speech/Language Therapy, Self-contained, and Resource Center. Learning experiences are enhanced through field trips, special programs and after-school activities.

The Barrington School District is also dedicated to the Arts, Athletics, and student life. Aside from Visual Arts, and Music, students have opportunities to participate in choir and band. In the athletic arena, Barrington fields both Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball and Soccer, as well as, Girls’ Softball and Boys’ Baseball teams.

The community of Barrington is extremely supportive of the schools. There is a high degree of parent and community involvement at all levels. The two parent groups, Avon Parents and Teachers (APT) and Woodland Parent and Teacher Group (WPTG) provide assistance to our schools through fundraising and volunteer work. An active and supportive local Board of Education has enabled the administration to effectively and efficiently operate all schools and adapt to the changing educational landscape.

District and Board of Education Policies are frequently reviewed by the Administration and Board of Education to reflect any new state or federal mandates and to maintain and update policies. Parents and community members have the opportunity to view applicable policies on our district website.

The Mission of the Barrington School District is to maintain a safe environment, where teachers, parents and community members work together to support students in becoming lifelong learners. Our Mission is carried out through: Caring and protecting the environment; Ongoing development of technological proficiency; Incorporating the New Jersey Student Learning Standards; Creating strong character and respect for all people; and Embracing ethical citizenship in the community and the world.