District Report Card Narrative
The Alice Costello School in Brooklawn, N.J. is certainly a school worthy of recognition and demonstrates that bigger is not necessarily better. What sets Alice Costello School apart? A working class community, Brooklawn has only one school located in an attractive brick-faced building that is almost 80 years old.

The official motto of the school is: Think Great Thoughts! Dream Big Dreams! This motto appears on district stationary, business cards, banners, and flags and is placed next to a bright star shooting across the sky. The Alice Costello School is, indeed, a bright star in the sky, a place where thoughts are great and dreams are big.

The school provides an outstanding educational family-like environment; small class size; students who are pleasant, well-behaved, community-minded, and involved in many activities; a talented, dedicated staff; and a School Board and Borough Council committed to excellence and involvement. The recipient of the 2016 Camden County School of Character Award, Alice Costello School counts involvement and innovation as driving forces. For more than ten years, the school district has participated in the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program, whereby qualified students from other public schools may apply to attend school in Brooklawn. The Board of Education has also established an innovative partnership with corporate America that has provided even greater advantages and opportunities for not only the children, but for the entire community as well. Because of these partnerships, the school has been recognized nationally in publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated.

The school environment is technologically sophisticated, with a team of tech specialists known as the I-Zone (Innovation Zone) providing state-of-the-art technology support and services. Grades 3-8 participate in our 1to1 Chromebook initiative. Grades pre-k through 2 are also able to use our other interactive technology as well (computer lab, iPads, SMARTboards, etc.).

The district envisions a community of life-long learners committed to working collaboratively to develop caring, competent, and responsible citizens. The district’s mission is to develop self-directed learners who can work cooperatively to become skillful, responsible decision-makers capable of navigating a rapidly changing world. The district provides an integrated core of knowledge through a broad experiential program that fosters the joy of learning and challenges students to develop their talents. Opportunities for creativity and discovery are incorporated into a program that promotes self-assessment.

The Alice Costello School in Brooklawn demonstrates that bigger is not always better and that money doesn’t necessarily correlate with achievement and success. Maybe it’s just as important to Think Great Thoughts and Dream Big Dreams.

Dr. John Kellmayer
(856) 456-4039