Cherry Hill School District (07-0800-069)

Clara Barton Elementary School

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

Clara Barton Elementary School is the home of the Eagles. The 2015-2016 enrollment of this kindergarten through fifth grade school was approximately 500 students. We have staff ranging from teachers and educational assistants to Nurse Personnel, Case Managers, a School Counselor and a Literacy Teacher Coach, roughly 65 adults. We serve a diverse community and student population, including students from many parts of the world now living in Cherry Hill. Our students' academic and social needs are met with differentiated teaching strategies that align with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

As a professional staff that is constantly updating its skills to meet the demands of today’s 21st Century Learner, our goal is to present an authentic, rich education to all students. The staff of Barton endeavors to challenge all students and uses only what is the most current and best practices in education today. This includes, but is not limited to, an ever-expanding use of technology. An assortment of laptop devices can be found in all classrooms, and students receive direct technology instruction in six-week cycles. SMARTBoards are also located in nearly all of our classrooms, and online individual assessments and instructional programming are used regularly to monitor student academic growth.

The PTA is a strong and energetic voice in our school. This group of parent volunteers has been instrumental in supporting building-wide technology advancements, contributing time in assisting with school beautification projects, organizing student assemblies and providing many playground resources for all to use.

Our school is about learning and liking to learn. We view the social curriculum to be equally as important as the academic curriculum. Our goals and initiatives align with the school district’s focus on improving student achievement, creating a cost-effective budget, enhancing communication with all stakeholders and promoting sustainability related to environmental awareness.

At Clara Barton Elementary School, the quest for continued success will remain as we work to ensure that every child is prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. WE ARE…CLARA BARTON!