Cherry Hill School District (07-0800-113)

Richard Stockton Elementary School

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

On behalf of the Richard Stockton Elementary School and the Cherry Hill School District, I am happy to share with you the New Jersey School Performance Report. It provides a method for tracking our school’s progress toward the state’s academic standards.

At Stockton Elementary School, our core beliefs enabled the creation of our School Leadership Council (SLC). Our SLC continues to encourage open communications to achieve mutual understandings in decision-making practices by allowing all stakeholders to actively participate in school improvement within our Professional Learning Community model.

The Stockton administration, staff and community believe that all children can learn. We accept the responsibility for providing an atmosphere that seeks to foster a tone of decency and embraces an environment conducive to learning. The accomplishment of these beliefs will come about through a commitment by all staff to:
• Share knowledge, experiences and leadership qualities to achieve high levels of success within our Professional Learning Community.
• Implement and integrate research-based strategies that encompass and enhance the learning style of all children.
• Provide active learning environments.
• Communicate and model high expectations for student learning throughout the building.
• Foster the ethical principles of creating a safe learning environment which embraces cultural development and character education for all students.

The SLC undertakes a variety of actions to enable its mission. Those actions include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Create a positive school culture.
• Celebrate achievements and successes, cultural awareness and character development within our school community.
• Determine best practices for carrying out school, district and state goals.
• Listen and resolve staff/community concerns.
• Problem solve.
• Model and function as a school democracy.
• Promote and support professional development.
• Discuss new initiatives and ideas.
• Communicate with community and staff.
• Collect and analyze data.
• Identify and address the concerns and ideas of the school and staff.
• Work toward the betterment of the school.

We are the only elementary school in Cherry Hill that offers Jazz Band, Fiddle Club, and gifted programs for vocal music to include national choir opportunities with students who have performed in Connecticut, California, Minnesota, and Georgia. Our competitive choir is an auditioned based choir, which has won awards annually, and we are the only elementary school to offer students the opportunity to participate in sharing their talent with our Broadway Showcase. This year we are partnering with Harmony for Peace to offer our families free tickets to the Kimmel Center in addition to a free concert series for our families. Our fine arts students have won national and international awards in fine arts.

We look forward to implementing educational opportunities, which directly meet every student’s level of need, via the iReady Program. This will continue to integrate our academic experiences with our character education program. We are excited to continue our internationally and nationally recognized League of Kindness Heroes Program, which focuses on students’ metacognition in creating an empathic environment toward peers, staff, and family members. We have implemented “Be the Change” where we encourage our “Kindness Heroes” to become the change they wish to see in the world. Students are creating community partnerships, which include Yorkship School in Camden, and local partnerships with the police and fire departments. They have asked our partners to join Charity Miles to raise funds for the charity of choice as they walk, run or ride bikes. Students will be able to track Charity Miles information and apply the kindness acts in math and social studies lessons. Additionally as a school we are raising funds for the Special Olympics by participating in the Rocky Balboa Run. Thank you for your interest in our school. We are truly grateful for our daily opportunities to be members of our Stockton Family.