Cherry Hill School District (07-0800-115)

Thomas Paine Elementary School

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

On behalf of Thomas Paine Elementary School and the Cherry Hill School District, I am happy to share with you the New Jersey School Performance Report. It provides a method for tracking our school’s progress toward New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards.

At Thomas Paine Elementary School, teachers use results from the state assessments to identify areas for growth and improvement. We strive to use research-based practices for successful teaching and learning.

Of course, student achievement cannot be defined solely by performance on standardized tests. Of equal importance are classroom work and assessments, projects, oral presentations, participation in classroom discussions, participation in the arts, community service and more. At Thomas Paine Elementary School, we have established a variety of initiatives aligned with our character education mission:

The educational community at Thomas Paine Elementary School will provide and build a quality educational environment focused on the positive values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Active Citizenship to instill a sense of honor within our students allowing them to reach high academic standards while preparing them to succeed in a diverse and constantly changing world.

At Thomas Paine Elementary School we have dedicated our learning community to be passionately involved in the following initiatives:
1. Using CAFÉ and VOICES within our Literacy Program
2. Using Reciprocal Teaching strategies to increase our student literacy IQ.
3. Using Performance Matters Data to create targeted interventions.
4. Using a PBIS philosophy/techniques to build a positive culture.
5. Calling this “The Year of Happiness”.

As the Educational Leader, I look forward to building on the great foundations that have been established here at Thomas Paine Elementary School. Please contact the school to learn more about the data in this report or about the many initiatives at our school that contribute to the development of the whole child.