Cherry Hill School District (07-0800-130)

Woodcrest Elementary School

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

The mission of the Cherry Hill Public Schools is to provide a quality education program that ensures that all students are proficient in the Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Toward that end, differentiated instruction is integral to the way the Cherry Hill Public “does business.” Differentiation is an instructional approach for each elementary grade level without “walls or ceilings” for students, ensuring that each student is challenged by a variety of instructional strategies suited to his/her achievement and ability levels, learning styles and interests. All students in every classroom at every grade level are nurtured and encouraged to learn and grow to their full potential.

The elementary curriculum emphasizes total child development—cognitive, affective, social and physical. With the advent of the standards movement, unlike the previous protocol of a 5-year cyclical review plan, best practices now dictate a curriculum development and alignment framework that focuses on a few subject areas each year. This work is developed and implemented through input from teachers and administrators, ensuring that all programs represent current theory and practice and reflect high expectations of students. For more information, please see our “Blueprint for Student Success,” which is linked from the District’s curriculum section of the website.

Building a lifelong love of learning, through a climate of support and encouragement, is an on-going goal at Woodcrest Elementary. Activities are planned to support our core curriculum, character education and citizenship skills. Character Education is a developmental process by which children learn about and apply core ethical or shared values to enrich their lives. The State of New Jersey’s Department of Education has identified the following Six Pillars of Character Education—Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship, Caring, Trustworthiness and Respect, which are interwoven throughout the core content curriculum. Many of our school activities and special events have the Six Pillars of Character Education themes embedded.

Cherry Hill Public Schools is committed to the infusion of technology into all aspects of the educational program, making the use of technology natural to the educational experience and inherent to the way students work and think, in and beyond the classroom. It is in that spirit that all of Woodcrest’s grades 2-5 classrooms are outfitted with interactive whiteboards. Additionally, we utilize a mobile laptop lab to our environment, so that the technology instruction can be taught within the authentic setting of the classroom.

Woodcrest Elementary School operates a multidisciplinary Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS). I&RS offers teachers and parents with a means of drawing on the resources of both the individual school and the larger district in an effort to assist students experiencing academic, behavioral, social, emotional and/or health difficulty. This process is the mechanism by which district educational support services can be accessed to assist in providing success for all students.

Parents are invited to be active participants at Woodcrest. Recognizing the importance of parents, students and teachers all working together, we enjoy an active and supportive Parent Teacher Association that facilitates a comprehensive community volunteer program. School safety and security has become a necessary preoccupation, and emergency drills have become a fact of life in schools today. At Woodcrest, we have built a small repertoire of emergency procedures that are practiced routinely, including fire drills, evacuation drills and lock-down drills. Our goal for all drills is to ensure a calm, confident, orderly response to any emergency.