Collingswood Public School District (07-0940)

Collingswood Public School District

Dear Parents and Members of the Collingswood Community:

The teachers, administrators, and staff of the Collingswood Public Schools are always on a mission to improve. We recognize that the students of today are fundamentally different than the students of ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. The skills required to meet the needs of the twenty-first century workplace are of a higher order. This translates into graduates who must read, write, and solve problems at similar levels whether headed for a skilled trade or an Ivy League university.

As Superintendent, I would like to share with you some of the programs and activities taking place in our schools as we continue to prepare our students for life in the twenty-first century.

Driven by our mission to meet the needs of every student – one at a time - the teachers and staff in the Collingswood Public Schools are using pedagogically sound, data-driven instructional strategies to engage students in their learning and promote higher-order thinking skills.

The new Common Core State Standards permeate everything we do. While teachers of English language arts and math have specific goals they must reach by the end of each grade level, teachers of science, history, social studies, technology, and electives share the responsibility for teaching students to be proficient readers, writers, and thinkers.

A data-driven, balanced literacy program, including reader’s workshop and writer’s workshop, are implemented at the elementary level. The workshop approach allows students to become more proficient readers and writers through authentic experiences. A cross-content literacy focus at the secondary level will promote reading for both lifelong learning and enjoyment. Reading to learn and reading for enjoyment each require time and focus to promote a lifetime of professional growth and enjoyment.

Technology permeates each of our lives every day. This is no different in the Collingswood Schools where we have introduced a 1:1 digital device initiative that will ultimately put a Chromebook in the hands of every student in grades 3-12. Using the technology, students learn to validate online sources, to collect and plot data for analysis, and communicate instantly with peers and experts from around the corner or around the world.

By choosing the Danielson Framework for Teaching model upon which to base our teacher observations and teacher evaluations, we believe we can assist an already talented staff of professionals in getting even better. Our administrators understand that their primary responsibility is to focus on teaching and learning and do so by providing teachers with feedback that we believe encourages growth.

We are proud of our teachers and staff for their efforts not just to keep up with innovations in our schools, but also to lead the way in many areas. We are equally proud of our students who routinely rise to the occasion when presented with new challenges. Working together, our staff and students are unstoppable in in their quest for academic excellence and the development of the “whole child.”

The Collingswood Public School District is proud of its accomplishments – both those presented in this school report card and those that can not be measured by a series of tests scores. Collingswood continues its rich tradition of educating every learner to the extent of his or her capacity.