Gibbsboro Elementary School (07-1720)

Gibbsboro Elementary School

Gibbsboro Elementary School provides an excellent education for their students by providing remediation for struggling students and allowing for time for the enrichment of advanced learners. All students are provided the necessary support system to learn at high levels while understanding what it takes to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Respect and responsibility are annual recurring themes for Gibbsboro School as the school is a state recognized and nationally recognized school of character. While creating a culture of respect, Gibbsboro is also recognized as an academically high performing school by the New Jersey Department of Education. With a strong home and school association and a thriving extracurricular program, the town of Gibbsboro is proud of their school and the School Board members who govern it. As a one school district, the district has a Superintendent/Principal, Supervisor/School Psychologist, Social Worker/Guidance Counselor, a shared Business Administrator and Learning Disabilities Consultant, and shared technology personnel. Through innovative staffing and diligent budgeting, the district is able to provide their students with all of the necessary support they need to be successful while operating on a small town budget. Staff members have presented at state conferences to share the strategies being used at Gibbsboro School to improve school culture, work in Professional Learning Communities, and earn national recognition for their focus on character education.