HADDON HEIGHTS School District (07-1880)

HADDON HEIGHTS School District

During the 2015-2016 school year, the Haddon Heights Public Schools focused on high-quality, effective instruction. Collaborative work sessions continued throughout the school year and yielded positive growth. Our students consistently perform at very high levels on both local and state assessments, and each year a high percentage of our high school graduates go on to further educational opportunities.

District professional development initiatives included implementing and improving instructional strategies to improve learning. The district committed to updating technology infrastructure and moving toward a Google environment with emphasis being placed on shared documents, Google Classroom and training for technology integration into daily lessons. Professional development focused on instructional strategies including measurable objectives, tracking student progress, and questioning. We evolve in how strategies are utilized while focusing on student learning. We continue to review, update and improve curriculum. Focus during the 15-16 school year was on updating the science curriculum to include the new required Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Other curricular reviews and updates occurred in Elementary ELA, and mathematics. At the Junior-Senior High School updates focus on new courses in Social Studies, Italian, and Business. Workshops were provided during school, after school, and at various times during the summer months.

Professional Learning Communities continues with emphasis on curricular improvements including New Jersey Learning Standards and Core Curriculum Content Standards. We began writing common unit plans and implementing common benchmark assessments to improve instruction and student learning. We also worked to share best practices in technology usage, and implementing instructional strategies.

We are pleased that the state has chosen to provide you with a School Report Card to clearly point out that the Haddon Heights Public Schools do provide a quality education in a cost efficient manner.