The basic purpose of the Laurel Springs Public School District is to provide a set of common learning skills, habits, attitudes, and character traits essential in our culture. It shall instill an appreciation of the responsibilities of citizenship in our American democracy having as a definite purpose an aim to strengthen, improve, and unify American life. It shall aid youth in the choice and preparation for a vocation for living in an economy, which encourages free enterprise and individual effort. It shall be the constant aim to promote staunch moral character, respect for duly constituted authority and a genuine concern for the rights and welfare of others regardless of race and creed.

The Laurel Springs School District is the resident school district for the Borough of Laurel Springs. The Laurel Springs School is the district’s single operating building, housing pre-kindergarten through grade six (6). The district provides a full range of educational services including regular education and special education with support services available for all students. Areas of support instruction include, basic skills instruction; utilizing responses to intervention strategies; English as a Second Language; speech therapy; occupational therapy; physical therapy; physical education; library/reference skills; guidance; computer instruction; gifted/talented programs; health education and visual performing arts. We are a Choice District.
We have added this year implementation of the STEAM instruction in the upper grades on a regular basis

The Laurel Springs School also has a wealth of opportunities for student enrichment available through our after-school academic clubs.
Laurel Springs students in grades seven (7) and eight (8) are sent as tuition students to the Samuel S. Yellin School in neighboring Stratford. Ninth (9th) through twelfth (12th) grade students are sent to Sterling Regional High School as tuition students.