Lindenwold Public School District (07-2670)

Lindenwold Public School District

The Lindenwold School District is a Pre-K to 12 district providing education to approximately 2700 students. The District boasts a diverse population of students across ethnicities and country of origin. A significant percentage of our students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Our community is keenly aware of the quality educational program being provided and are important partners in the overall school program. The District is a “B” district, based on the New Jersey Department of Education District Factor Group classification.

The Lindenwold Public Schools experience a broad range of challenges that are quite similar to larger urban school districts. The vast number of low-income apartment complexes, provide an alternative to more traditional urban environments. Given the typical challenges associated with the lives of urban students, it is even more critical that we offer a comprehensive rigorous and relevant Pre-K-12 educational program using research-based best practice strategies.

The Lindenwold Public Schools are progressive in trying to overcome our challenges and provide all students with the rigorous educational program and comprehensive social services they deserve. To these ends the entire administration, including the superintendent, director of curriculum, building principals, and other administrators are committed to their positions and to establishing personal connections with students and families in order to enhance the instructional program. These high-caliber professionals, as well as the carefully-selected teaching staff, reflect the desire of the Board to provide a level of quality education to the students of Lindenwold.

The district has found innovative ways to deliver challenging and enriching activities via a strong instructional program, enhanced by the use of current and broad-ranging technology, ongoing professional development and data-driven decision-making to meet the educational needs and interests of our students in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The district collects, analyzes, and action plans based on data, in order to make a variety of decisions aimed at addressing the significant educational needs of all of our students, reducing and eliminating achievement gaps, and raising overall student performance.