Sterling Regional School District (07-5035)

Sterling Regional School District

Sterling High School's mission as a guiding principal is to assure all students will learn and achieve a high level of academic achievement that exceeds the NJ Core Curriculum Context Standards as well as national standards in grades 9-12. The Sterling High School District is committed to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome. The Board of Education and the administrative leadership team is committed to educating the whole child. As a team, we will acknowledge and address behaviors that are inconsistent with the District's mission and belief statements. We will model and advance the behaviors established in the Sterling High School Mission to all members of the Sterling community. These behaviors include active promotion of the district's vision, values and goals; high standards and expectations for student success; a commitment to life-long learning through ongoing professional development and growth; a commitment to collective inquiry and reflection on the results of student achievement in order to improve student learning; a commitment to a high level of mutual support and trust between all members of the school community.

We will facilitate the development of curricular and co-curricular programs which result in high levels of student engagement, address student needs and interests, integrate technology when appropriate for achieving program goals, and enable students to understand and appreciate diversity. We will model, monitor, and enforce student and adult behaviors that contribute to a safe and orderly environment while respecting the rights of others within a diverse community. We will recruit and retain individuals who are best suited to advance the mission and beliefs of the district, we will create conditions which support their ongoing professional growth, and we will develop and implement policies, programs, and procedures to monitor and support collective achievement and individual student success.

Sterling remains committed to excellence and instilling a sense of pride into the entire school community. The curriculum and co-curricular activities meet the needs of all students. Sterling remains committed to the development of the whole student in the classroom and co-curricular activities. The goal is the development of the total student who will be a productive member of society.