Stratford School District (07-5080)

Stratford School District

The Stratford School District prides itself in educating all of its students in order that they may develop the necessary skills that will enable them to meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. This preparation for success incorporates a strong innovative and creative curriculum set by the new common core standards.

One of our areas of focus for us is accountability. Accountable measures are in place which reflects our commitment to a learning environment that values academic rigor, diversity, fosters respect and understanding in a safe supportive environment for teaching and learning. To achieve these goals, students receive an integrated education that provides them with academic knowledge and assists them in their own personal development.

Technology is infused into all the subject areas. Each classroom is outfitted with SmartBoard technology and dedicated Wi-Fi access that provides internet for a variety of devices. These devices include Chromebooks, iPads and more. We recently have expanded device availability for a 1:1 ratio in all Language Arts and Math classrooms, with other areas not far behind. Coupled with the Chromebooks in our Media Center and Computer Lab, research and interactive opportunities are provided for every student in all areas and grade levels. We have also made a commitment to digital learning with the use of Google Classroom, which reduces paperwork, encourages collaboration and promotes work beyond the classroom.

The complete development of our children is fostered in the school with art classes, music, physical education, health, computer, G.A.T.E. world language, academic skills classes, and the interscholastic sports of soccer, field hockey, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, softball, baseball, golf and cross-country. A vigorous student government works hard for their constituency and the community and three students have a seat on the Board of Education known as Board Liaisons. We participate in Lego League, Robotics, Drama programs and many other enrichment activities.

The New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards are receiving the professional staff’s attention on several fronts. Personnel have reviewed their specific curriculums-observing common core curriculum content and approaches and adopting them in our present offerings. On another plane, subject articulation through the Sterling Inter-district staff is engaged in evaluative and articulation efforts. Regular PLC committee meetings are held throughout the school year to ensure curriculum alignment, review of instructional programs and best teaching practices.

Our administration and guidance counselors provide character education (Renaissance) for all of our students through assemblies, classroom activities, small group instruction, and work with various community projects. A yearlong Anti-bulling program teaches the students to respect everyone and provides students with skills in dealing with bullies.

The administration and staff of Stratford is committed to the continued growth and development of our students. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.