The 2015-2016 school year brought many new and exciting changes to the Voorhees Township Public Schools. We continue to implement techniques and strategies that enhance 21st Century Learning. Our staff strive to instruct through collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. As a district, we are privileged to work with accomplished and creative professionals, as well as dedicated parents who are united in their vision to strengthen and improve student learning.

This was our second year implementing the PARCC assessment. The changes in the implementation of PARCC proved to be a success. We had an increase in student participation. Voorhees students continue to achieve at or above the state average.

This year, 434 certified and non-certified staff members provided service for our students. The district had 15 certified and non-certified staff members retire from service. Our young people benefitted from their years of dedication and hard work. We thank them for their service.

Again, we operated the district within the state 2% budget cap. We are proud to uphold the district’s excellent educational programs.

Each year we provide great opportunities for our students to explore. Whether it is on a sports team, community service club, or a stage production in our theater where talent of our students provide an amazing performance for the audience.

Our involved parents, dedicated staff and supportive community insure that our students have the opportunity to be successful now and in the future.