Quality Staff and Professional Development
The Avalon Elementary School has a committed, collaborative staff. The entire staff demonstrates professionalism and collegiality throughout the school year. The school calendar provides staff with three professional development days, which are aligned to the district Professional Development Plan. Staff members also attend other pertinent workshops and participate in advance degree programs. Articulation time has been scheduled for all teachers to meet, share and plan cross-curricular lessons for our students.

The budget process has been successfully implemented for the past year because of the effective communication between the Business Administrator and the CSA. We are able to track and monitor our spending and develop realistic budget projections because the data is accurate and reliable. This enables the budget planning process to remain under CAP. We have an Inter-local Agreement with the Stone Harbor Board of Education to share the services of the Chief School Administrator, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Librarian, STEM teacher, School Nurse, Tech Coordinator, PE Teacher, Health Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Art and Music teachers. We provided the public with accurate information and public relations materials to help insure the passage of the school budget. The Home and School Association takes an active role in supporting our school budget.

Parent and Community Involvement
Our Home and School Association provides our students with program enhancements, student activities and supplemental educational materials. They are extremely supportive and involved in our school throughout the year. We participate in an Inter-Local Agreement with the Borough of Avalon and the Avalon Free Public Library. They provide students with assemblies, community programs and the public library, which is housed in the school building, serves as our school library.

At Avalon School, excellence is the norm, not the exception. An outstanding educational program in a small, neighborhood school with a wonderful tradition is the hallmark of the Avalon Elementary School.