Report Card Narrative for 2014-15 Cape May City

The Cape May City School District is a thriving learning environment within a community abundant with local resources to enrich the educational opportunities for Preschool to sixth grade students. The school underwent the QSAC process 3 times and received the rating of “A High-Performing School District” each time.

The Cape May City School District focused on three Goals for 2014-15:

Goal 1: To understand and implement the Common Core State Standards and PARCC Assessment with the infusion of technology

Goal 2: To continue to develop Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) to assess student achievement.

Goal 3: To include one Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson per week based on MindUP or any additional SEL scientifically-based programs

The District is a one-school district. 60% of the students come from the United States Coast Guard Training Center based in Cape May; 25% from Cape May City residents; and 15% from the Low-income Housing Authority, one student from the sending district of Cape May Point and 2 homeless students. The Cape May City Elementary School is small, but unique whose Mission Statement reads: To teach and achieve excellence in the NJ Core Curriculum Standards for Grades Preschool-6 in partnership with family and community.

100% of the school’s teachers are highly qualified.

The Cape May City School offers students “the best of both worlds.” The size of the school allows the staff to know all of the students and most of their families and provide educational programs that address and implement the 21st Century Skills. The staff, parents, Board members, administration, students and community members work as a team in the school’s decision-making process to meet NJ State code and guidelines.