Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

On behalf of the Ocean City School District, we are pleased with the 2015-2016 progress towards achieving the state's academic standards.

The Ocean City School District is known throughout the state for its academic excellence and high student achievement. We are committed to excellence, striving to stay ahead of the wave and to providing the knowledge, skills, and values that our students require in order to be successful learners and leaders in the 21st century. Our Strategic Plan affirms our vision of the School District and the paths that we take to ensure its success, while our academic report card is evidence that we are successful in our endeavors.

All three of our schools consistently perform at the highest level on New Jersey standardized tests. Each school focuses on effective instructional practices in reading and writing, problem solving, and the application of technology. The schools are communities dedicated to the development of the full potential of each student – academically, socially, physically, emotionally and aesthetically. All school personnel are committed to creating an educational environment where a personalized, student-centered atmosphere prevails and allows our students to obtain an outstanding and comprehensive education.

The students, teachers, and parents of the School District work together to advance learning and to reach high levels of achievement. While other school districts are working to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, we have our goals set to a higher target. Our School District offers a diverse and challenging curriculum that extends beyond the New Jersey Core Student Leaning Standards. Students perform at a superior level on statewide standardized tests when compared to the state and to schools within our district factor grouping.

Students at all levels are provided an opportunity to succeed through a differentiated approach to instruction conducted by a dedicated and professional faculty and administration. In addition, our success could not be possible without the unparalleled support that the School District receives from the community. Parents and community members have mobilized to form committees and entities that support the School District in financial resources, scholarships, and in other ways.

Enhancing the educational experience of students is a broad set of extracurricular offerings in the arts, athletics, service organizations, and special-interest activities. Our choral and music groups have performed in a multitude of venues, multiple athletic teams have won New Jersey state and sectional championships in recent years, and other extracurricular groups have garnered recognitions and awards and have even participated in experiments in space in conjunction with NASA and cooperative projects with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the National Wildlife Federation and New Jersey Audubon.

Through careful analysis of data and evidence of learning, the School District is constantly evaluating our course of studies and programs in an effort to continuously improve. This constant meta-reflection guides everything we do and precludes us from being content with a successful status-quo. That contemplation and deliberation, as well as our lead role in the statewide education evaluation overhaul to improve teacher and administrator practice and to offer a template for differentiated supervision, led to our focal points of “attend” and “engage.” Our recent achievement data rewards the work that we have undergone in the areas of having our students in attendance and being engaged with more rigorous content.

Our internal data analyses lead us to know that all three of our schools are performing at a level of “high or very high when compared to schools across the state and to our peers**” with regard to academic performance, college and career readiness and student growth.

As you read the individual schools’ report cards, you will see how we are accomplishing our Strategic Plan goals and how our students are achieving success. As we move through this school year, we will continue to reach for success for our students; introduce more rigorous curriculum and assessments, provide extensive professional development, ensure our facilities are safe for our students and staff, and establish support systems for students at risk through supplemental instructional programs. In the coming year, our energies will be focused on monitoring the results of the aforementioned items and continually improving our performance.

If you have any questions about your School Report Card, feel free to contact your child’s Principal, or Mr. Matthew Carey, Director of Student Services or Mr. Curt Nath, Director of Academic Services.

**NJDOE language of comparison from previous performance report cards
**Peer schools are school that have similar grade levels with similar demographic characteristics, such as % of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch, LEP or SPED programs.