The Wildwood City School District is located on the barrier island of Wildwood, a small resort city, in southern Cape May County, New Jersey. Continuing a long and proud tradition of excellence, Wildwood High School will celebrate the graduation of our 111th class in June of 2017. Our students’ accomplishments are a direct reflection of the efforts of our dedicated and professional faculty, and the support of a strong community. The Wildwood City School District provides services for approximately 8500 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. There are currently three schools in the District, serving students from pre-kindergarten through grades 12. The Glenwood Early Childhood Annex houses grades pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Students in grades one through five attend the Glenwood Avenue Elementary School while students in grades six through eight attend the Wildwood Middle School. Students from North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and West Wildwood, join students from Wildwood at Wildwood High School.

In order to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible, discretionary grant funds are vigorously pursued. The district has been awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to fund an extended after school program in the Wildwood Middle School as well as summer school in the Wildwood Middle School and the Glenwood Avenue Elementary School. We have also been awarded for the past two years the College and Career Readiness Partnership grant which has allowed us to develop our college and career readiness programs at Wildwood High School to a great degree. In addition to the aforementioned discretionary grants, the Wildwood City School District also receives entitlement funds from the state and federal government, which support the Title I Basic Skills program, English as a Second Language/ Bilingual Education programs, and extended day and year programs at Glenwood Avenue Elementary School.

The Wildwood City Board of Education supports the district administration in the implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards by offering our students a challenging curriculum designed to meet the changing needs and opportunities of life in the 21st century. We are continuously re-aligning our curricula to changing state standards. These curricula are designed and differentiated with a focus on the scaffolding of instruction to meet the needs of our diverse population of students. We have also expanded our AP Program and are continuing an academic partnership with the Atlantic Cape May County Community College to allow our students to take dual credit courses that satisfy both their New Jersey state graduation requirements while simultaneously earning college credit.

We are also adding Career Technical Education programs to our offerings.

The faculty of our school district meets all federal requirements for highly qualified teachers, and the district is committed to maintaining the high standards of professionalism among our teachers by offering sustained high quality on-site professional development, financial support for graduate studies, and off-site in-service meetings with a focus on meeting the needs of diverse learners and closing opportunity and achievement gaps for our students.

The Wildwood City School District is grateful for the continuous support of our parents, and our community partners, who so generously give of their time, effort, and financial resources to give our students the best education possible.