The district motto, "Excelling in Education", is a commitment that is shared by our school and community, promoting the love of learning to help students become independent, assertive, and responsible citizens. We progress toward our goal of excellence working collaboratively with school board members, parents, teachers, and with innumerable members of our community visiting our classrooms and contributing to the educational process including our local police department, firefighters, and ambulance corps.


Curriculum and instruction are at the heart of our programs at Crest Memorial School. The Common Core Standards and the state Core Curriculum Content Standards, provide a "roadmap" as we continue to strive to meet rigorous academic expectations. In our full-day preschool classes, students are provided experiences to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and academically in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere. In order to provide our students with the knowledge and experience necessary for future academic success, language arts literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, physical and health education, library media, visual arts and music are taught in kindergarten through eighth grades. To ensure reading readiness, the DIBELS assessments are given to all kindergarteners and first graders. Literature and English/Writing are taught with a team of teachers in grades six through eight. Critical thinking and close reading skills are developed through our use of the Shared Inquiry instructional method. In grades 6-8, all students are involved in a laptop one-to-one program. Students use their laptop and have it with them for every academic class. Students in grades 6-8 write research papers as well as study novels, poetry, and literature through our Language Arts and Literature classes. Mathematics develops student acquisition of skills in number sense, numeration, geometry, measurement, patterns and algebra, data analysis, probability and discrete mathematics. The science program features Life, Physical, and Earth Science concepts with an emphasis on the scientific process and lab investigations. An additional program component, Integrated Studies Lab, is offered in fourth through eighth grades, where students use technology and hands-on math and science activities to further enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific reasoning skills. Social Studies introduces students to the four disciplines of history, geography, civics, and economics with respect to their community, state, nation, and the world at large. Our physical and health education program promotes the development of habits for healthy living. Library media is an integral part of the total educational program offering the basics of information literacy via print, multimedia, and technological resources. In visual arts and general/vocal music, students enhance technical skills, develop aesthetic awareness, and understand the basic elements central to each medium. Instrumental music is also available to students in grades four through eight. To further develop universal skills that students will bring with them into adulthood, world languages, computer/writing, and enrichment are also offered. The world language program teaches successful communication in Spanish and heightened awareness and appreciation of Spanish cultures. Instruction develops student technology proficiency, as well as writing and word processing skills with an integrated approach.