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Woodbine School District

Report Card Narrative
Woodbine Elementary School

The Woodbine Elementary School is a single building rural school that houses students in preschool through eighth grade. Currently, the school has an enrollment of 220 students. Following graduation from eighth grade, the students attend Middle Township High School, the Cape May County Technical High School, as well as other private schools for their secondary education.
The Woodbine School District provides three tuition-free preschool classes to the residents of the borough. With support from the New Jersey Department of Education preschool expansion grant, the district offers one three year old class, one combined three and four year old class and one four year old preschool class. Its goal is to provide child-centered learning experiences for each preschool student as well as a smooth transition to the kindergarten program. The kindergarten instructional program continues the emphasis upon developmentally appropriate learning activities and centers, with a greater focus upon acquiring a strong foundation for academic success in the primary grades.
Woodbine Elementary School is a School Choice school district. It became a Title I school-wide district during the 2010-2011 school year. Federal funds received from Title I were $183,689; Title II 24,572; Pre-K $841 and IDEA $88,627 for the 2015-2016 school year. The Title I school-wide program has allowed the district to improve academic achievement for all students, particularly with the lowest achieving students. The Title I school-wide program employs the Intervention and Referral Services model through several instructional methods of delivery:
• In-class
• Pull-out
• After school homework support
• Extended year (Summer School)
Our instructional programs continue to be guided by the New Jersey Standards for Learning. For students who require additional academic supports, subject area classroom teachers provide in-class support to strengthen student skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The district continues to enjoy very caring and giving faculty and staff members who meet the New Jersey standards for being highly qualified.
The district has implemented a blended literacy program including material from basal readers, Engage NY novels, books and authentic materials. Our mathematics program uses Envision Math and materials from Engage NY, reflecting the increased rigor of the State Standards. English Language Arts, Literacy and Mathematics have remained the focus of instruction due to their heightened importance within the state standardized test, PARCC, and in life beyond school. Music, Art, and Spanish classes are also incorporated during the instructional week to all kindergarten through eighth grade students. Extra-curricular activities include the after school homework club, choir, instrumental music, and drama performances; each is offered throughout the school year. Currently, the district aligns its policies and curriculum with the Middle Township School District as well as the Cape May County Technical High School.
The technology program has utilized federal, state, and private grants to increase the availability of technology to students and to provide professional development to teachers. The district currently employs a part-time technology integrationist to help develop technology infused lessons. In addition to interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, we currently have a one-to-one ratio of laptops for students third through eighth grades.
Character education remains an integral component of classroom instruction. The district has implemented the Positive Behavior Supports in School Program (PBSIS) through a grant opportunity. In addition, the district has begun to pilot Morning Meeting throughout the school, in which children and teachers can build relationships and develop pro-social relationships.
Health and nutrition plays an integral role in providing our students a well-rounded education. Every student receives a daily free breakfast as part of the Breakfast after the Bell program. A fifteen minute recess/free exercise period is scheduled before every students’ lunch period.
The school district’s Parent Teacher Organization is active and works with the classroom teachers to support its instructional programs and extracurricular activities. In addition, community-based programs such as Cape Assist, MAC, and Strengthening Families are mainstays in the educational year.
Daily morning announcements at Woodbine Elementary School begin with every student reciting the school’s motto, “I am an achiever, I will achieve, and I will be successful. I am self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-propelled.”
We continue to challenge our students to become active participants in the quest for excellence at Woodbine Elementary School, “where there is progress in the making.” Our goal is to maintain a safe, creative, stimulating and caring educational environment that promotes self-esteem, sound character, responsibility, and respect for all.
Anthony DeVico
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