The Cumberland Regional School District, located in Western Cumberland County, provides students with a comprehensive learning environment in a nurturing and personalized setting. The district serves students in grades 9-12 who reside in the municipalities of Deerfield Township, Fairfield Township, Greenwich Township, Hopewell Township, Shiloh Borough, Stow Creek Township, and Upper Deerfield Township. Students participate in a wide range of programs, courses, co-curricular and extracurricular experiences, and services created to address a full range of student interests and needs. The entire school community values its unique heritage of fertile farmland, towns with historic homes and buildings, and housing developments of recent origin.

The district provides a variety of programs for students to extend and enrich their educational experience. Special efforts are made to actively engage students in their learning, to promote a strong desire on the part of students to apply classroom experiences to active, real-life learning situations and to use technology as a critical tool to maximize their success as learners. Our Academy Programs’ model emphasizes Cumberland Regional School District’s continued commitment to a 21st Century learning that promotes school-to-work/career/college programs. Our current Academies are STEM, IT, Bio-Medical, Agriculture, Dramatic Arts and Justice Studies. In addition, the numerous opportunities for students to participate in inter-scholastic club and sports activities offer productive ways to use the time that surrounds their school day. Students benefit from a well-rounded high school experience.

The Cumberland Regional School District is consistently working to provide students, teachers, and staff with an optimal learning environment. The following initiatives have proven to be effective in achieving success indicators developed around academic rigor and enhanced student achievement:

Teachers are active participants in professional development seminars offered weekly/annually by administrators, faculty, and visiting consultants as part of the district’s Professional Development Forum. We implemented the Next Generation Science standards and continue to work to maximize student success on the PARCC assessment.

Faculty and administration work as colleagues to examine data as the basis for making decisions about curriculum, instructional materials, and teaching techniques.

Training for new teachers is offered throughout the academic year through our New Teacher Induction Program.

Cumberland Regional School District elicits input from our Citizens Advisory Committee, Student Advisory Committee, and Staff Advisory Committee. Community members and school staff work together to promote excellence, quality, and understanding in the instruction of talented youth.

A number of advanced course opportunities exist including our Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Courses offered at the high school: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP US History, and AP US Government and Politics, along with Dual Credit courses in Language Arts, Plant & Soil Science, Administration of Justice, Tomorrow’s Teachers, Advanced Visual Basic, Computer Programming, Agricultural Science, and Dramatic Arts III.

Cumberland Regional School District offers a variety of Special Education Services that serve students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Cumberland Regional High School also offers a full spectrum of related services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Counseling, and Physical Therapy for students.

Teachers infuse information literacy and career awareness into the curriculum.

District Initiatives are developed in four broad areas: program, safety & security, community engagement, and management and operations. These initiatives continue to expand options related to instruction, facilities, extracurricular activities, and special programs as the district moves to attain its vision of schools for the future.

Our Senior/Freshman mentor program helps build leadership in our seniors while helping our freshmen make a smooth transition to high school.

The Cumberland Regional School District Comprehensive Three-Year Technology Plan includes the expanded use of our website and staff portal, mobile devices for students, and our parent and student portals to support more effective and frequent communication and collaboration.

Students in the Agricultural Science program, a local initiative that is part of the state-wide Choice option, are consistently recognized at the State and National level for their high achievement as one of the finest FFA Chapters in New Jersey and the nation.

The district has implemented the national Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) sequence – Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Principles of Agricultural Science (Plant); and most recently, Food Science and Safety – to better align the agriculture curriculum at CRHS to national and global industry needs. This highly engaging curriculum has energized our agriculture program and has sparked greater interest in FFA. The district has articulation agreements in agriculture with Rutgers University, Delaware Valley College and SUNY Cobleskill.

Our Theater Program is in its fourth year offering articulation agreements with Rowan University and Cumberland County College. Our Dramatic Arts Academy recently was “adopted” by Paper Mill Playhouse. This opportunity will enhance the already intensive program of study being implemented and offer students additional educational experiences/opportunities in order to be able to pursue various occupations/careers in the area of theatrical arts.

Our STEM initiative is in its fourth year providing a vigorous, engineering-focused program for our students. The program allows our students greater preparation to pursue careers in engineering, mathematics, medicine, etc. Students can earn college credit at Rutgers and Rowan universities while in our STEM Academy.

Four years ago Cumberland Regional introduced a literacy initiative called “One Book, One School.” This summer reading program was established in the summer of 2013 with incoming freshmen and has expanded to add the new incoming class each year, with all four grade levels involved this past summer. In addition to student involvement, administration, faculty, and staff, including maintenance staff, read the book selection. In the fall of that year, we bring to the district the author of the book for an assembly and to visit literacy classrooms.

Cumberland Regional School District offers a well-rounded and comprehensive educational program to meet the needs of our students. Our programs work to provide our students with opportunities that will allow a positive transition into the world of career and/or college level programs.