The Deerfield Township Elementary School provides programs and services that allow our students to grow academically and socially in order to become knowledgeable, skillful, life-long learners who are contributing citizens in our modern technological society. Our school is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow by providing our students with a strong base in all academic areas. Our adopted curricula are aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards and prepare students for the state mandated assessments. Basic Skills in-class support is available to enhance student learning in reading, language arts and mathematics.

Teachers actively pursue professional development activities to improve their instructional skills while keeping abreast of the latest research and educational developments. Recent areas of interest include technology, language arts, writing, reading, mathematics, character developments, classroom management, differentiated instruction and learning styles. Our children also benefit from instruction in music, art, physical education, Spanish, technology and library. These areas provide additional experiences that promote growth in a wide field of studies.

Deerfield Township School is in its third year of implementing the program, Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS), a proactive approach that improves our students’ social awareness and academic achievement. Deerfield Township School has integrated high standards related to universal, hallway, cafeteria and bathroom expectations. When students follow these expectations, students can earn tickets towards weekly prize drawings. Students have opportunities to stay “on track” for success while promoting a positive school climate and culture.

Our school is a pleasant place to visit, teach and learn. Our teachers provide excellent academic, personal and social experiences which encourage our students to develop into well-rounded adults and community leaders. We are very proud of our students and teachers who come to Deerfield Township Elementary School willing to learn and teach.