Hopewell Township School District (11-2270)

Hopewell Township School District

The Hopewell Crest School District continues to place its focus on a quality education of all students. We have a highly qualified staff along with a stable and supportive Board of Education. The community is proud of our school’s accomplishments and demonstrates an ever increasing effort to sustain our progress. We strive to maintain and broaden the breadth of programs available to our children.
Over the years, the Hopewell Crest School District has been extremely effective at providing a current curriculum. It regularly updates its facilities, courses, and instructional equipment to keep up with today’s educational trends. Opportunities abound for student preparation for college as well as those potentially involved in vocational or technical training for future workplace skills of today and tomorrow.

As our school continues to grow both numerically and academically, we expect many great achievements in the future.

Come visit us in Hopewell, NJ or learn more about us via our website at http://www.hopewellcrest.org or by calling the school at (856) 451-9203.