Dear Parents and Community Members,

The Millville Public School District utilize a "Leaders Systems Approach" in order to achieve the vision established by the board of education. The vision of the district is to be world class where all stakeholders are involved. The Millville Public School District is committed to a new era of excellence. This work continues in the 2016-2017 school year. We believe in holding ourselves accountable for preparing all students for the challenges and opportunities in an ever advancing global world. Our programs, beginning in preschool, are designed to ensure that all students will have the opportunity to ready themselves for the future of their choice. We believe that all students will be challenged in a rigorous learning environment designed to meet their needs. Each student is an active partner in their learning experience. They must accept the responsibility to challenge themselves to strive for personal excellence.

The Millville Public School District recognizes that children learn differently. Accordingly, schools provide a diversity of learning environments which actively engage students in thinking, planning, hands-on learning and problem solving. In addition, we are proud of the diversity in our school family and work to share information and have courageous conversations so we may better serve our students and close the achievement and discipline gap using a culturally responsive educational approach. We are fortunate to care for the education of over 6,000 students in the Millville Public Schools. We recognize the importance of this responsibility. The staff accepts the challenge to provide a world class education for our community of learners. We will strive to be a world class instructional staff. To ensure accountability, all district staff members are challenged through improvement plans to improve, expand our knowledge base, and grow professionally. Our systems approach defines the process by which we will monitor our growth. Our emphasis is on both short and long term improvement. Our leadership and improvement teams use both outcome metrics and "in process" indicators of success. Our vision to be a world class organization is ever present in our words and deeds. Like our challenge to our students, we challenge ourselves to be on the road to continuous improvement. Individuals and organizations excel due to the high expectations we have for them. We have world class expectations for our district.

We will continue to improve our partnership with the community which is built upon mutual respect. We need our parents to give daily support to their child with his/her school work and expect their child to excel. The community should expect a world class experience when dealing with any of our staff members. We encourage our parents to find ways to partner with their child's school by being active in school-to-home programs. Students learn best when staff, parents and community work together on behalf of education.

Together, we can assure a bright and successful future for our children.