The Stow Creek Township School District and Greenwich Township School District are in the eighth year of a unique “Partnership.” While technically both are considered distinct school districts, a number of factors and activities are done in a “Partnership”:

- A shared superintendent/principal services both districts.
- A shared business administrator provides BA services to both districts plus a third.
- A Greenwich administrator functions as a supervisor of curriculum and instruction for both.
- Stow Creek satellites lunches to Greenwich.
- Stow Creek provides transportation services to Greenwich.
- Both boards of education have seven committees that meet jointly on a monthly basis.
- Teachers from both districts are deployed based on need and expertise in both schools.
- Both districts share the same guidance counselor with the regional high school.
- The districts share music, art and Spanish teachers with neighboring districts.
- The districts share Child Study Team Services with a third district

Most importantly and in addition to the above, students from both communities are assigned by grade level to one of the two schools. Greenwich houses grades K-4 and Stow Creek houses grades 5-8. The Partnership middle school has enough students to support complete departmentalization with subject-certified, highly-qualified teachers in every subject. Previously unavailable courses such as Algebra can now be offered to the combined districts’ students.
This arrangement affords not only superior educational opportunities, but also participation in enhanced extracurricular activities to students from both communities. The combined student body is large enough to support softball and boys and girls basketball teams as well as other clubs and activities which the schools individually lacked sufficient students to sustain. This “Partnership” also provides the students from both communities the opportunities to experience classes in music, art, health and physical education with expert teachers trained in their specialized subjects.

While the educational and operational benefits to both school districts are obvious, this “Partnership” provides the citizens from both communities with an efficient use of their tax dollars. Class sizes are at more efficient sizes reducing the instructional cost per pupil; administrative cost per pupil has been reduced; and likewise support costs have dropped per pupil for both districts.

Today’s rapidly changing, diverse society places demands on students to excel more than ever.
In their “Partnership” Greenwich and Stow Creek have demonstrated a creative and resourceful way for small districts to provide an educational program that addresses those demands.

By realizing and maximizing their limited financial resources and taking advantage of the economies of scale their combined numbers permit, the Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership endeavors to provide the students from both communities with the best education possible. The “Partnership” is an innovative solution that has enabled both communities to provide its young people with a world-class, high-quality education while at the same time maintaining the small school as the center of the community.