Vineland Public School District (11-5390)

Vineland Public School District

The mission of the Vineland Public School District is to facilitate the educational, physical, social and emotional growth of our culturally diverse population and to prepare students for life in the twenty-first century.

We recognize that a quality educational experience is the result of a strong partnership of parents, teachers and the community. Our district continues to offer a full complement of high quality academic programs augmented by health, social services and athletics. New programs and curricula are developed and implemented to address the varied needs of our students, preschool through high school.

Success for students at all levels is the common goal shared by educators and is measured in a variety of ways. The district maintains all major curricula that address the New Jersey Core Content Standards. Highly capable staff in all school settings focus on teaching and learning, and our exciting programs include the following:

There are two full day preschool sites within the Vineland Public School District. Students are taught using the High Scope program, a highly researched and state approved early childhood curriculum that is aligned to all state standards. It is an academically based program that focuses on nine content areas which address key concepts in early learning.

Full day kindergarten and preschool – In Vineland Public Schools, all five-year olds continue to have the opportunity to attend kindergarten for a full day of learning. Additionally, the district works closely with community providers to make available enriched learning experiences for all three and four-year olds.

In accordance with the New Jersey Content Standards, a state-of-the-art language arts/literacy program is implemented in all elementary schools. Students in grades K-4 receive instruction in the Journeys program, while grade 5 students are instructed in the LEADS program.

Mathematics grades K-5 – The Go Math program is utilized in all schools, grades kindergarten through five with Connected Math being utilized in grades 6 through 8. Ongoing staff development is provided in all areas in order to ensure quality instruction.

Pupil Personnel Services – The district provides a full complement of student services through counselors, social workers, SACs, and health and social service coordinators who meet the affective, emotional and social needs of students in preschool through high school.

The district continues to infuse educational technology into the curriculum in order to enhance the learning experiences for our students. Numerous computer laboratories and media centers with state of the art equipment allow students to use the latest technology to become 21st century learners. The district has emphasized mobile technology and has implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Vineland High School students now have the opportunity to take part in the Air Force Junior ROTC Program. The curriculum emphasizes the Air Force heritage and traditions, development of flight, applied sciences, military aerospace policies, and space exploration.

The Vineland Public School District created the Applied Math & Science Academy (AMSA) in 2014 to enhance the interest and cultivate the growth of students in the Math, Technology, and Science fields. The curriculum for the program was developed to be highly rigorous and facilitate academic growth and creativity. In 2016 the program expanded to now include students in grades 5-9.

The district provides a full continuum of special education programs, pre-school through age 21. These include highly specialized settings, such as programs for autism, behavioral disabilities and auditory impaired as well as many others.

The district offers a comprehensive bilingual/ESL program in grades K-12 in support of its English Language Learners (ELL’s). Instruction is aligned with the regular district approved curriculum and the NJCCS and WIDA standards.

The district provides a program for our gifted students, Learners with Exceptional Abilities (LEAP), in grades K-8. Students receive differentiated instruction and enrichment opportunities. Exposure to the arts is also addressed.

In addition to the multitude of academic offerings, the Vineland Public School district creates an environment that encourages students to express their athletic and artistic abilities.

Our accomplishments are a tribute not only to the individual talents of our students, but also to the active involvement of our parents and the dedication and commitment of an outstanding instructional and administrative staff. Our teachers work individually and collectively to facilitate the learning process, to help students grow academically and socially, and to foster appreciation for the richness of our diverse population. To this end, we constantly evaluate our progress and continue to strive for excellence in our entire offering of programs for our students.