The Belleville Public Schools District provides academic, emotional, and social experiences that encourage the development of all children. We believe that every child can learn, and we are committed to providing an environment that will allow each child to develop to his/her fullest potential. Our faculty fosters, encourages, and enhances life skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making as we prepare our students to become successful, productive members and leaders of the 21st Century.

The Belleville Public Schools District enrolls approximately 4,600 students who attend seven elementary schools (grades K-5), one middle school (grades 6 – 8), and one high school (grades 9-12). There is also an alternative education program (BUCS) for students in grades 9-12 in need of an attenuated program of studies and credit load. The district delivers a comprehensive academic program; special education services; English as a second language for English Language Learners; and enrichment programs for eligible students at all levels. Visual, performing, and practical arts programs are offered to assist students in gaining an understanding and appreciation of the arts and their importance in our daily lives. The high school program of studies includes the Academy of Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical Sciences that is offered to a select cohort of student applicants who meet the requirements and are ready to meet the challenges of a rigorous STEM curriculum. Belleville also offers a strong vocational program including classes in Wood-working, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Law, and Mass Communications, and an Option II graduation category that fosters internship programs with local cooperative organizations as well as rigorous independent study. Students and faculty involved in Mass Comm. are also responsible for the production of WBHS, the only local cable station in the township. Students are encouraged to participate in intramural and interscholastic athletics, clubs, civic, and extracurricular activities including Mock Trial and Student Government Organizations.

All curriculums support lesson planning to accentuate core curriculum standards and higher order thinking skills as well as strategies to help differentiate instruction to accommodate all types of learners. Students are active participants in the learning process and work in hands-on environments allowing teachers to act as facilitators of instruction. The 2016-2017 school year includes the second stage of a new technology mission with current hardware and programs to assist teachers with daily lessons and the delivery of 21st Century learning. The strong infusion of technology into the curriculum allows students and parents/guardians to access, process, and communicate information efficiently and effectively while creating personalized learning environments to challenge learners to excel and surpass curriculum expectations in all subject areas. Data is used to drive lesson preparation and prescribed student instruction while integrated, cross-curricular, and thematic activities are provided to enhance each specific learning experience.

The faculties of the Belleville Public Schools believe in collaboration, and each educator values continued professional development. We view ourselves as a “community of learners,” and we are committed to the philosophy of transforming learners into leaders. In keeping with this philosophy, the professional staff uses numerous approaches to teaching. We recognize the importance of providing students with opportunities to be actively engaged in their learning and academic support for student differences in terms of learning styles and individual needs. Instructional activities that honor these differences are planned and accentuated throughout daily lessons. We encourage parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s learning, supporting a quality partnership between the school, family, and community.

Within the Belleville Public Schools District, a positive educational climate exists through the dedication of staff, students, parents, administrators, board members, and the community. The Belleville Public School District is proud of its accomplishments and continues to move forward to accomplish the goals that have been established in consideration of all stakeholder groups. The Belleville Public Schools appreciates, celebrates, and values cultural diversity and is celebrating a Renaissance in Learning.