The Bloomfield Public Schools is a K-12 district with an enrollment of approximately 6240 students and a per-pupil expenditure of 13,108.00. Our district is served by a nine-member Board of Education, with members elected to rotating three-year terms. Bloomfield encompasses 5.4 square miles and is located 12 miles west of New York City and approximately 80 miles from the New Jersey coastline. We are home to eight elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school with an alternative high school program on the Bloomfield College campus, in addition we have an Early Childhood Center. Our district employs approximately 680 instructional staff members and 280 administrative and support personnel.

Bloomfield’s schools provide students with research-proven characteristics of effective schools:
• A safe and orderly environment.
• High expectations for students
• Frequent monitoring of student progress
• Parents, who are partners in school activities
• Opportunity to learn and student time on task

Our students come to us with a strong desire to learn and they bring an understanding that their achievement is the primary intent of the work of the adults around them. They bring a wealth of diversity and strong sense of community to our schools. Our focus is preparing our students to successfully function in a global society.

The district culture reflects inclusive principles and a strong community spirit. This spirit is demonstrated everyday by our dedicated education professionals, who have worked to standardize effective instructional practices within each of the grade levels through collaboration and quality staff. The Bloomfield School District takes pride in partnering with Universities and Colleges by sharing expertise.

Bloomfield strongly values education and everyone shares in the responsibility to support school programs. We are proud that our community partners, spearheaded by the work of involved Home and School Associations, represent the best of public engagement in education.