The Caldwell-West Caldwell Public Schools is a K-12 district dedicated to preparing students for the future by providing them with a continuum of quality educational experiences directed at producing well-rounded individuals who are independent learners. Our district’s Mission Statement reflects the realities of what it means to be college and career ready in the 21st-century. Our Mission Statement was approved by the Board of Education as part of the strategic planning process:

“The Caldwell-West Caldwell School District, in a collaborative partnership with family, community, and school, will provide the essential resources, opportunities, and experiences that will foster, as well as challenge, all pupils to achieve their greatest potential as lifetime self-directed learners, critical and creative thinkers, and responsible, productive citizens.”

The need to make learning personal is a core element of the strategic planning process. As a result, district teachers and administrators are engaged in a multi-year initiative to learn and implement strategies to differentiated instruction. The desired outcome of this effort is increased achievement for students of all abilities.

Consistent with this initiative is a well-defined and extensive staff development program aimed at the continuous improvement of district personnel in multiple areas including instructional technology, special education, critical thinking, mathematics, and language arts. Staff members receive training through our in district Professional Development Series, graduate courses at universities, scholarly workshops, and expert consultants. Partnerships have been established with other area districts to share resources and expertise.

The district has increased the number of connected devices available in each school and has aggressively pursued achieving PARCC readiness guidelines. Moreover, by privileging access and the ability to connect, learners will develop marketable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Our students will know more than just how to use technology— they will be able to manipulate technology to communicate, to build learning networks, to innovate and to function as both critical consumers and respected producers of content. As inquisitive, open-minded learners, students are able to acquire and apply content knowledge and skills through active exploration, interaction and cooperation with others.

Over the past year, intense curriculum evaluation and revision resulted in new progressive coursework in language arts, social studies, physical education & health, mathematics and science to meet student learning needs for the 21st-century. Our program of studies reflects courses which honor both national and state standards. Additionally, curricular revisions honor teacher and student agency. For learning to be authentic and meaningful, classroom stakeholders need to determine the trajectory of their work.

A strength of the Caldwell-West Caldwell School district is the continuity of instruction that enables James Caldwell High School to build upon the strong foundation developed at the elementary and middle schools through a well-articulated and consistent curriculum. A capable, skillful, and dedicated teaching staff continues to be the key to successful academic, athletic, and artistic achievement for our students. This constancy of purpose has allowed the district to graduate students fully prepared for the future and the next step in their adult lives.