A quality education is critical to your child’s future success, as it establishes a solid foundation of and for learning along with social skills that support meaningful interactions throughout life. This is what the Cedar Grove School District is all about. Whatever path your child chooses – college, career or military – represents an important step in the journey toward adulthood. In the Cedar Grove School District, we are proud to offer your child one of the best educational programs in the state. Our partnerships with local businesses and community organizations also play a vital role in your child’s education in Cedar Grove. Community organizations create and support drug-free educational programs, a host of fund-raising initiatives, booster clubs and donate thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. Here are some district characteristics for you to consider:

Implementation of a Four-Day Modified Block schedule at Cedar Grove High
School to provide a more focused, student-centered approach to learning.

Implementation of a Five-Phase process that guides our District Curriculum

Professional Learning Communities-driven professional development from the
ground up in each of our buildings.

Middle School students in Grades 5-8 have a double-block of time for all
Language Arts Literacy and students in Grade 5 have a double block of math
classes each day. In addition, instruction is based on a team approach;
interdisciplinary teams of teachers (language arts, mathematics, social studies,
science, world language, health and physical education, music, art, and special
education,) provide the core program of studies for students. Special subject-
area teachers provide instruction for art, physical education and integrated
technology education, as well as instrumental and vocal music. Overall, the
middle school program is designed to meet the unique needs of the distinct
age group of the youngsters it serves.

High school graduates who have recently been accepted to prestigious
colleges and universities.

Up-to-date technology labs and Smart Boards with ceiling mounted LCD
projectors in nearly all classrooms.

Outstanding student opportunities in our high school for athletics, co-curricular
activities, drama and music. Our recently renovated auditorium, athletic
complex and locker rooms, along with new restroom facilities throughout the
district, provide students with modern amenities to call their own.

Small class sizes to foster individual and small group attention with a student-
centered philosophy.

Highly Qualified Teachers at all grade levels and subject areas.

Emphasis placed on differentiated instruction using the Understanding by
Design (UbD) model and Problem Based Learning activities in the classroom;
implementation of the Daily 5/CAFÉ in grades K-5 provide the infrastructure for
our Common Core-aligned literacy series, Good Habits, Great Readers, as well
as Go Math! in mathematics.

On-line learning (Virtual High School) available at Cedar Grove High School.

Strings program for grade 4 through grade 12.

Parent/Volunteer program at the elementary level.

Big Brother/Sister program at the elementary level.

Peer Leadership programs at the middle and high school levels.

Collaborative and Co-Teaching Models throughout the district.

Student engagement in an abundance of community outreach and service
learning activities, grades K-12.
Staff that is focused on the academic needs of the child as well as the social,
emotional, psychological and physical well-being of all students.

Gmail for all staff including links to “Homework Now” as well as teacher-
developed web sites at each of our buildings. Extensive application of GAFE
across the district and an expanding use of Google Classroom is helping
transform our learning spaces into “whenever and wherever” personal learning

District and community-wide information broadcast via the Friday Folder and
CGTV (Cable Ch. 76 and Fios Ch. 26).

The Cedar Grove School District is composed of approximately 1650 students in grades K-12. North End Elementary and South End Elementary Schools serve grades PreK-4, Memorial Middle School serves grades 5-8 and Cedar Grove High School serves grades 9-12. In addition, our Special Services Department provides a continuum of programs, placements and related services to meet the needs of children who are eligible to receive special education services.

Our vision is for the continuing transformation of Cedar Grove Schools into a progressive learning environment by implementing a strategic plan for student achievement and instructional improvement; we deliver a personal learning environment for each student based on data and teacher recommendation, promoting good character and “grit” in preparation for today’s global workforce. Our mission is progressive and nurturing, providing each and every student with comprehensive educational opportunities to become life-long learners and productive citizens through its dedication to excellence, collaboration, and community involvement. Charged with preparing students for the 21st century’s college and career workforce, we are committed to providing students with access to relevant information and the expertise to help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, work effectively with others as well as independently, and to cope with change. In order to achieve these goals, the Cedar Grove School District offers a carefully articulated program of studies in grades K-12 and encourages inclusion of technology to meet the changing demands of cooperative and blended learning landscapes. The social and emotional development of students is supported through a comprehensive program of co-curricular activities and athletics.

The Special Services Department offers an integrated preschool program with an engaging and nurturing learning environment that promotes creativity, exploration and social skill development. This program is available to classified students with disabilities in a full-day setting. In addition, an inclusion program is available to both general and special education preschool students for either morning or afternoon sessions along with a transitional component. Prior to being referred for an evaluation
by the Child Study Team for possible eligibility for special education and related services, every attempt is made, with the help of the school-based I&RS (Intervention & Referral Services) Teams to meet the needs of the student within the general education program. If special education is required, a full continuum of services is available. All students with disabilities are provided with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and monitored by our site-based Child Study Teams. The District employs several full-time CST members, including learning disability teacher-consultants, social workers and psychologists, speech/language specialists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. An increasing number of students with special needs have been included in regular education classes as the district fulfills the mandate to provide students with a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

The information provided in the School Report Card offers a snapshot of how our schools are performing in selected areas. While we are proud of the accomplishments of our schools and our students as illustrated in the School Report Cards, we are also aware that the information provided only tells part of the story. School Report Cards do not consider areas of school performance such as music, art and drama, nor does it address issues such as student and parent satisfaction. The only way to assess these qualitative factors is to become directly involved in our community's schools. Although academics play the most critical role in the development of our students, it is a singular component of the well-rounded experience gleaned in the Cedar Grove Public Schools. It is through the integration of our diverse experiences that a Cedar Grove student moves into the world well equipped to succeed outside the public school environment and continues their love of learning. To find out more about how our schools are performing, we encourage all residents to attend Board of Education meetings, become actively involved in school-related organizations, attend school sponsored events and/or arrange for a visit to any of our four schools.
The Cedar Grove School District is proud of its staff which encompasses 200+ educators, administrators, secretaries, custodians and paraprofessionals who work diligently to ensure that our students receive the best possible education in a warm, nurturing environment. We are fortunate to have parents and community members who are interested and involved in the education of their children. The District, like the community, clearly values high academic and curricular standards, a positive school climate and culture, cooperation and collaboration, lifelong learning for all, and varied opportunities for success. The Board, professional staff and support personnel are dedicated to the task of making every day a quality learning day in Cedar Grove. To learn more about us, please visit our district web site @ www.cedargrove.k12.nj.us.