East Orange School District (13-1210)

East Orange School District

The East Orange School District is an urban school district with more than 10,000 students in 22 schools. We embrace the challenge of providing a quality education for our children. Our schools and community are committed to developing programs that meet the diverse academic and social needs of our student body.

Vision Statement

The East Orange School District aspires to be the educational model of excellence for learning institutions in the State of New Jersey.

Mission Statement

The East Orange Board of Education is dedicated to creating a learning environment and educational opportunities utilizing the Common Core State Standards to ensure that our students become competitive and well-minded.


1. Improve instructional programs and the academic performance of each student

2. Promote a safe and healthy environment for students and staff in and around the schools

3. Promote parental and community involvement in all aspects of the district’s educational programs and services

One of the esteemed honors during the 2015-2016 school year was the Tyson High School Choir performance of “Blessed Assurance” with Ms. CeCe Winans to honor the school matriarch Cicely L. Tyson. As a special guest of President Obama at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors celebrating the arts, it is noted that Tyson Middle/High School continues to be recognized as one of the country’s outstanding performing arts school.

To achieve our standards and goals, all District employees strive to work collaboratively. By working together, we are creating a vision of academic excellence and achievement for our district, schools, and classrooms that make a difference for every student.

With the assistance of our parents, students, staff, and community at large, we will continue to make sustainable and measurable progress.