Fairfield Public Schools (13-1465)

Fairfield Public Schools

The Fairfield School District is located in the northernmost section of Essex County and is comprised of two schools. Adlai E. Stevenson School serves grades Preschool through Grade 3 and Winston S. Churchill School serves grades 4 through 6. The focus of our educational mission is to give each child the tools to work independently and acquire skills that allow them to develop to their full potential. Our 650 students are our greatest resource and we are committed to providing them with a quality education. The students, teachers, and parents of Fairfield are all members of our educational community and are stakeholders in the important charge of educating our children.

The staff of the Fairfield School District places an emphasis on academic excellence, along with professional growth and character development. They focus on encouraging true learning by linking it to real life experiences. Language arts, mathematics, and technology are integrated into all facets of the curriculum so that children are exposed to a challenging and enriching program.

Our Mission Statement reflects our commitment to provide an environment, which cultivates lifetime learners and their individual abilities, respects differences, and nurtures responsibility and cooperation. We actively engage parents, staff, and community members to be involved through various programs and activities during the school year. We provide our students at all grade levels with challenging curriculum that balances technology and creativity, and fosters critical thinking. We understand the importance of developing self-esteem and a respect for others through a positive learning environment.

The Fairfield Township School Administration and Staff strive to create an atmosphere of communication and partnership. Our goals are determined by our commitment to providing a well-rounded education to our students.