Nutley is a vibrant, rich, exciting community and its school district is no different. Offering students a complete array of rigorous academic experiences, Nutley Public Schools directs its resources to support the development of the whole child. The district is committed to fostering determined, resourceful, creative young adults ready to meet the challenges of the world beyond.

Our five K-6 schools, our 7-8 middle school, and our comprehensive high school serve as hubs within the community for learning and community engagement. The district supports the community and the community of Nutley demonstrates its commitment to the success of our students by giving its time and resources annually.
The mission of the Nutley Public Schools is to challenge, inspire, and empower students to become creative, confident, passionate, self-directed citizens who actively and purposefully contribute in our global society.

The district is committed to the advancement and support of all students, providing enrichment and recovery programs, ESL/Bilingual support, and a multifaceted special education program that includes a progressive autistic program. The district challenges students through a gifted and talented program in classrooms and in competitions across the state.

Academically, our students benefit from a rich and vigorous program of study, beginning with full day kindergarten and continuing through a considerable selection of Honors and Advanced Placement courses at the high school level. Our world language program exposes students to Italian, Spanish, French and Latin and our culinary arts program allows students to explore hospitality careers through real work placements.

Our music, arts, and athletic programs offer students opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom. They are each award-winning and have been recognized across the state for their quality and variety. Our theater program is recognized annually by state organizations, and besides winning on the field, our athletic programs volunteer in the community, across the state, and around the country.

Nutley Public Schools measures success by the ability of its graduates to achieve their individual aspirations.