South Orange-Maplewood School District (13-4900)

South Orange-Maplewood School District

The School District of South Orange and Maplewood is a K-12 district with more than 6,800 students in one preschool, six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district’s mission is to empower and inspire each student to explore and imagine, to pursue personal passions, and to collectively create a better future by creating a learner-centered environment through multiple pathways; reimagined structures, systems and supports; innovative teaching; partnering with families; and maximizing community expertise and resources.

SOMSD is engaged in a community-wide planning process to:
- Redesign curriculum, instruction and assessment to support learner-centered environments.
- Develop multiple supports for students to thrive in a learner-centered environment.
- Work with students to redefine their role as active and engaged contributors to the learning experience of their schools and community.
- Provide ongoing, differentiated and relevant professional development to grow teachers and administrators to theorize, critique, examine, and explore in order to engage every student in a learner-centered environment.
- Infuse cultural competency in every aspect of our learning community.
- Partner with families in support of student growth.
- Reimagine and redesign all aspects of student scheduling, use of facilities and administrative structures to guarantee alignment with mission.
- Maximize community expertise and external resources to provide multiple pathways for student and professional growth and learning.
- Engage in robust, open, ongoing and transparent communications with all students, families, staff and community members to generate understanding, excitement, trust and support of our school community and its transformation.

We value students as our primary stakeholders and at the heart of every decision. Our Board of Education, Administration and faculty are committed to equity and excellence, and to nurturing the intrinsic potential of every student for continual learning and growth.