West Orange Public Schools (13-5680)

West Orange Public Schools

The West Orange Public Schools are home to terrific students, talented and dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff, and very supportive parents and guardians. We are proud of the fact that the school district views diversity as a strength. Growing up in a diverse community prepares students for post-secondary education and work-place readiness.

Our students begin their education in one of seven K-5 elementary schools. They then move to a central six school for a unique one year experience. Both middle schools have approximately 500 students in each school. All students come back together for an amazing experience at West Orange High School which has approximately 2000 students who benefit from a diverse and rich comprehensive academic program.

It is our belief that students with specific interests will benefit from the opportunities available within the district. These programs peak student curiosity and offer exciting learning opportunities through a wide-ranging curriculum platform. Students have access to the full range of honors and AP courses outside their core area of interest. We annually review the programs and curriculum at the K-12 level to ensure we are providing students with ongoing opportunities to grow and learn both socially and academically. We pride ourselves on never being satisfied with the status quo as we are always researching new ways to motivate students, increase learning opportunities and inspire students to be life-long thinkers.

Our goal is to have exceptional young adults graduate from West Orange High School with both the personal and academic skills necessary to compete in an increasingly complex and global world.