Deptford Township Public School District (15-1100)

Deptford Township Public School District

Deptford Township School District
2022 Good Intent Road, Deptford, NJ 08096

Deptford Township School District is an important part of its growing community. Steeped in an area rich with history dating back more than 300 years, Deptford is one of the oldest communities in Gloucester County. Deptford residents have long recognized the value of a good education. The first school in Gloucester County was founded in Deptford. A resolution adopted by the Deptford Free School Society in 1773 proclaimed that "a good education of youth very much contributes to the prosperity and welfare of the community."

Today, the Deptford Township School District continues its proud heritage. The traditional values of the early Deptford settlers have been maintained within a thoroughly modern school system that uses technology to enhance the educational process. The Deptford Township School District provides a sound philosophy of education that schools youth under the vision statement “Building Spartan Pride through the educational process to develop a Spartan Proud Community”. It is no coincidence that the development of Deptford schools as quality institutions has contributed to the reputation of Deptford and its image in a growing marketplace.

Yet, the Deptford Township School District has boldly faced the need to change. School campuses are constantly improving and services to students are being streamlined. It is the third largest educational system in Gloucester County serving students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades. Through its early childhood centers, elementary schools, middle school and high school, Deptford Township School District meets the needs of nearly 4,500 students.

The curriculum provides a solid program of general education with learning opportunities ranging from special services for children with disabilities to gifted and talented courses for enrichment. A demanding core curriculum is supplemented with art, music, world language, physical education, and a rich elective program encourages student choices. This comprehensive educational program results in Deptford students maintaining high academic standards and being prepared for college and career readiness.

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