Glassboro School District (15-1730)

Glassboro School District

At Glassboro Public Schools, we educate a diverse group of more than 2,100 students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Our tight-knit community benefits from a school system in which students from across Glassboro meet in prekindergarten and progress through high school together. Our schools include J. Harvey Rodgers (prekindergarten - kindergarten), Dorothy L. Bullock (1st - 3rd), Thomas E. Bowe (4th - 6th), Glassboro Intermediate School (7th - 8th) and Glassboro High School (9th - 12th).
On the high school level, we offer 9 AP courses as well as Italian, French and Spanish classes for community college credit. Glassboro High School is a Choice School in the areas of Fine and Performing Arts as well as a STEM Academy for students interested in pursuing engineering, math and science careers. Our Fine and Performing Arts Academy enables students to specialize in art, band, choir, orchestra or dance. Academy students enjoy the chance to supplement their schedule with individualized instruction and accelerated classes at Rowan University and Let's Dance Studio. Our district/university partnership remains strong, and we are exploring expanding the partnership. The Glassboro High School STEM Academy's Mission is to provide a rigorous and technologically enhanced curriculum through participation in specialized classes at the high school and at Rowan University that will promote science, technology, engineering, mathematics; and inspire creative, critical and analytical thinking to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce.

The focus of the Academy is:
- To provide a foundation in a specialty area (science, technology, engineering or math)
- To advance in mathematics, this is also the backbone of science, technology and engineering.
- To attend undergraduate courses at Rowan University in their Senior, and possibly Junior, year of high school.
- To provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school
- To engage students in an exciting, project-based, technology-rich learning environment where expectations are high to promote student success.

The Glassboro School District supports students at all levels of the learning spectrum. In addition to our Academy Program, we also offer students the opportunity to participate in STEM classes, and a gifted and talented program, we offer basic skills instruction and test preparation classes.
Curriculum development is ongoing, and curriculum is now online for our teachers. Our teachers and administrators are preparing students to reach and exceed the high expectations of the Common Core. Students will learn from a spiral curriculum in information narrative and opinion writing in where students will write reviews, research reports and information books.
The district continues to maintain, upgrade and introduce new technology infrastructure and delivery systems. All schools have wired and wireless networks interconnecting all classrooms, offices and meeting areas, providing access to internal network resources and the Internet. Our internal service farm is 90% virtualized to utilize new technologies to reduce energy and operating costs as well as provide a robust processing environment. As part of an anticipated Spring referendum, we have proposed a complete overhaul of network equipment to increase bandwidth and capacity to maintain network integrity for PARCC and EE4NJ as well as provide the ability and capacity for BYOD/BYOT initiatives. We continue to introduce interactive projection technology into the classroom through touch screens, activity tables, projectors and other emerging technology. We recently refreshed all staff and student computers with new laptops, tablets and All-In-One desktop units.