Logan Township School District (15-2750)

Logan Township School District

The Logan Township School District is a Pre-K to 12 school district operating three schools (Center Square School, Logan Elementary School and Logan Middle School) housed in two facilities located in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Logan Township borders Greenwich Township and Woolwich Township. It also borders the Delaware River. Oldmans Creek serves as its border with Oldmans Township in Salem County. The district’s vision is to remain a strong, independent, viable, fiscally-sound district focused on providing a strong academic and emotionally-supportive environment for a wide-range of students.

Center Square School is an Early Childhood Educational Center, which serves students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade. The Principal at Center Square School is Mrs. Beverly Green. Logan Elementary School serves students in grades 2 to 5. Mrs. Catherine Kelly is the Principal for Logan Elementary. Logan Middle School’s Principal for Grades 6 to 8 is Mrs. Heather Moran. Logan Township School District maintains a sending relationship with Kingsway Regional High School District to educate a majority of Logan resident high school students (grades 9 to 12). Many of our eighth grade students apply to and are accepted at Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT) for high school. Based on the 2000 census, Logan Township was placed in District Factor Group “FG”, reflecting the property values and personal income of the residents recorded at that time.

District enrollment for Pre-K to 12th grade approximates twelve hundred fifty township resident students, which includes approximately 265 high school students whose tuition is paid by Logan Township School District to Kingsway School District. In addition, approximately 60 Logan high school residents attend Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT). (Tuition for these students is partially paid for by Logan Township School District.) The District provides a full range of educational services for all pre-K to eighth grade students who reside in Logan Township. The District completed the 2015-2016 school year with an enrollment of 855 students instructed in-district, which is slightly higher than the previous year’s in-district enrollment. Logan Township School District employs 102 certificated staff members and 51 non-certificated staff members, who all team together to educate the school population in our three district schools. Seven administrators, including a full-time Superintendent and School Business Administrator serve this district. The teacher-to-student ratio in our Kindergarten to eighth grade classes is 1:18 (or under), which supports the implementation of the rigorous New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Financial support for education as determined by state calculation of comparative spending for districts of similar organizations and enrollment reflect resource allocation above the state average for the 2014-2015 school year. Approximately seventy percent of the school budget is locally-supported by our resident taxpayers. State and federal aid comprises approximately thirty percent of the district budget. The District continues to be proactive in addressing building maintenance issues. Over the past eighteen months, the Facilities Manager has overseen various projects partially funded by the R.O.D. (Regular Operating District) Grants including: the installation of a new cooling tower, the installation of two additional boilers in the building which serves the Logan Elementary and Logan Middle Schools, the installation of a HVAC system in our Logan School gymnasium (used often by our community) and the installation of all new exterior doors at the Logan School building. At Center Square School, an up-to-date playground surface was installed to provide more year-round outdoor play for our district’s youngest learners. Light conversions and occupancy sensors have been installed in both district buildings to improve energy consumption. All of these projects, as well as the addition and improvement of our camera system used for security on both school campuses are designed to ensure the district infrastructure remains strong.

The effort of our dedicated staff, along with strong community support and involvement, allows Logan Township School District to provide the breadth and depth of an education, which extends far beyond the basics. The district values best practices in instruction and places a priority on preparing students to have the tools to be successful as they move through the educational world in order that they are college and/or career-ready. Presently, the district’s English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum align to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The Science curriculum is in the process of being aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, Heath and Physical Education, Technology and World Language curricula are aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS). The Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction and each school principal jointly develop and monitor the implementation of the district curricula.

The district provides academic intervention, when needed, based on data collected from a variety of student assessments, including the PARCC assessment. The district employs six full time teachers and one part-time teacher as interventionists for the at-risk learners in both the areas of Math and ELA in the primary, elementary and middle schools. The entire Intervention program for at-risk learners is guided and monitored in all three schools jointly by the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction and each school principal. Funds for virtual summer school for interested students are included in the district budget.

The district also employs a full-time Child Study Team overseen by a full-time Supervisor of Special Services. The Child Study Team (CST) oversees the programming and implementation of all Logan resident special needs students (from age 3 to 21) who have Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs). Funds for summer school for some of our special education student population are included in the district budget.

The District continues to be a leader in pre-school education by providing a half-day program for the township’s four-year old children. The district pre-school program is tuition-based paid by the parents of the community; however a state grant has been used over the past eleven years to support the tuition for the at-risk four-year old population. Local funds also support our Pre-School program. Out-of-district four-year old students are offered an opportunity to attend the district pre-school program on a tuition-basis, also.

Students are exposed to World Languages, which include Italian in Kindergarten, first, second, sixth and eighth grades and Spanish in third, fourth, fifth, seventh & eighth grades. Students in eighth grade, who meet district criteria, have the opportunity to take Italian I or Spanish 1 and Algebra I. A heavy emphasis on the Performing Arts and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education, as well as a wide range of afterschool programs, provide enriching educational experiences for many of our students. Seventh and eighth grade students are offered an opportunity to take a pre-engineering course offered both before school and after school hours. As our schools are centered in a culturally diverse community, our district is committed to provide programs, which feature a variety of world cultures and concepts. Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, the Logan Township Middle School offered inter-district public school choice seats to public middle school students.

To assist our students’ ability to become college and/or career-ready, technology is used to enhance student learning. The District Technology Plan has a strong emphasis on using technology for innovation, integration and data-driven academic interventions. Logan Township School District is committed to providing an infrastructure, which can support the ever-growing use of and need for technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency. The number of computers in the district exceeds the number of students in the district. (This is due to the fact that all secretaries and administrators have computers and the district houses two computer labs in addition to our one-to-one initiative.) The IT Department has 3.7 staff members who are dedicated to providing and maintaining the technology infrastructure needed in today’s 21st century classrooms. An in-house Instructional Technology Coordinator is available full-time to assist teachers in integrating technology into their instruction. This encourages high-tech classroom lessons, which increase student engagement. All students in grades 2 to 8 have individual Chromebooks, which are accessible to them during school hours. Kindergarten and First Grade students in Center Square School have access to Chromebooks and iPads in their classrooms and in the computer lab.

A continuous upgrading of instructional resources and teacher training help focus the instruction in the district on best practices, which includes small group and differentiated instruction, as well as blended learning. The district's commitment to on-going improvement of learning allows frequent opportunities for professional development during the school year. Both school libraries are supported by a certified Librarian/Consultant. For the past four years, the district has used the Marzano Causal Evaluation System as the Instructional Model/ Teacher Evaluation System and has also adopted the Marzano School Leadership Evaluation Model for Principal Evaluations.

The Logan Township School District began the implementation of a five year Strategic Plan, beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, which was the result of several community meetings, followed by the development of an Action Plan by the Administration, Board and Technology Department. The Board of Education approved this plan in late August 2015. Listed below are the five goals of the Strategic Plan:
Goal 1: To meet a wide range of students’ needs and interests while ensuring academic equity;
Goal 2: To effectively provide exposure and increased rigor in all curricular areas to include critical thinking, problem solving, real-life application and college and career readiness skills in order for students to be sufficiently prepared as 21st century lifelong learners;
Goal 3: To ensure our students are prepared for and successful in high school;
Goal 4: To develop strong communication and foster partnerships within the community; and
Goal 5: To foster and maintain a self-sustaining fiscally sound, educational institution which supports the mission of the district.