Paulsboro is a compact community of 6,000 residents. This historic community is the site of the first federal land purchase. On July 5, 1776 the Congress of the new nation purchased 100 acres of land in Paulsboro for the purpose of building a fort to defend Philadelphia. Fort Billingsport was built and played a key role in the American Revolution.
Today, the community is an industry hub in addition to being a very livable community. The borough is host to a number of industries including Exxon-Mobil and a newly developed river port. Paulsboro is a multi-cultural, multi-generational village where family and diversity are celebrated. Paulsboro Pride is not just a saying but rather a way of life. The district schools serve just under 1,200 students including high school students from Greenwich Township.
The Paulsboro Public Schools use the Princeton Plan in its three schools. The Billingsport Early Childhood Center serves student’s Pre-kindergarten through second grade. Loudenslager Elementary School educates students in grades three through six and Paulsboro Junior High School and Paulsboro High School offer a comprehensive program for seventh through twelfth grade students.
Each of the district schools has a modern library/media center. The library/media centers at the elementary schools include an integral technology classroom. Paulsboro High School has four computer laboratories. Every classroom in the district is equipped with computers, printers, and most classrooms are equipped with an interactive board.
The school nutrition program is a source of pride, serving breakfast and lunch to all of the district students free of charge. Another significant point of pride is the Billingsport Early Childhood Center where the prekindergarten and kindergarten classes are full-day programs for all students.
The athletic program at Paulsboro High School is second to none. The wrestling and football teams have national reputations for both sportsmanship and champions.
The academic program prepares students for careers and college. Paulsboro High School prepares a significant number of students to join the student bodies of top ranked universities. In fact, the school has a long tradition of students earning appointments to the United States Naval and Military Academies.
Many of the top graduates return to Paulsboro to give back to the community as teachers, coaches and volunteers, sharing their Paulsboro PRIDE in their Alma Mater.
The school district is now engaged in a major initiative to increase instructional time as well as the quality of programs. To this end, the Board of Education, administration, faculty and staff have:
¿ Added additional professional days to the District calendar for staff.
¿ Incorporated Block Scheduling at the Junior and Senior High School to increase instructional time.
¿ Updated all Math and Science Curriculum Districtwide.
¿ Reassigned special area teachers at the Billingsport Early Childhood Center in order to provide additional Language Arts Literacy instruction.
¿ Implemented a Preschool Expansion Grant program at Billingsport Early Childhood Center
¿ Created a five-year Strategic Plan to move the District forward.
¿ Restructured the entire Central Office into both a business and educational model for greater administrative efficiency and articulation
¿ Purchased additional computers across the board in grades Pre-K to 12.
¿ Created a new Robotics Program.
¿ Worked to create a reduction in disciplinary referrals at the Junior and Senior High School.
¿ Challenged every student absence. Aggressively pursued those who were chronically absent. As a result, the rate of chronic absenteeism dropped from 24% to 11%.
¿ Successfully implemented the PARCC Districtwide.
¿ Created a new website for the district and each school.
¿ Purchased hundreds of computers. No computer is more than three years old.
¿ Upgraded all wifi access across the District.
¿ Installed fiber-optic cables. Then installed new broadband service which is more than 7000 times faster. Streaming video such as YouTube and other valuable teaching resources are now available in every classroom.
¿ Upgraded email software to Microsoft 365 which also allowed the latest version of Office to be installed.
¿ Incorporated the College and Career Ready program called Naviance for students at both the Junior and Senior High School.
¿ Incorporated one field trip for each grade level Pre-K through 8th.
All of these innovations were accomplished within the state mandated budget caps and without a reduction in force.

The school district is creating a bright future for the 1,150 students who are the PRIDE of Paulsboro.