As Superintendent of Schools, I am proud to share the good news about our outstanding school district. We offer safe and secure schools where students have enjoyed high levels of achievement. Our neighborhood elementary schools positively impact the learning of students in their most formative years. Residence in Pitman offers a safe, pleasant, and family-oriented community in which parents place a high value on education, and an opportunity is afforded for students to remain in the same school district for their PreK – 12 educational experience. Our Board of Education and administration place emphasis on providing the highest quality education for all students through a dedicated and committed staff and in the most cost-effective manner. We are proud of the achievements of all Pitman students.

Traditionally, Pitman students have thrived in our small classes and as part of an educational community focused on individual student success. Around 90 percent of the Pitman High School class of 2016 went on to a two or four year college. Pitman Public Schools offer a comprehensive Pre-K to 12 education in a small nurturing setting. A full range of clubs, activities, and athletics enhance the educational experience of Pitman students, including award winning music and arts programs and competitive athletic teams.

The strength of the Pitman Public School District lies in the achievements of our students, the commitment of the entire school community, and the academic programs that are available in our neighborhood schools. We certainly have appreciated the support of the community in the past and look forward to continued support as we address the needs of all students.
Because of the fine reputation of our schools, we do attract and accept tuition students from surrounding districts that can share in our successes.

We invite you to visit our schools and community!