Wenonah Boro School District (15-5590)

Wenonah Boro School District


Wenonah is a suburban community nestled in the center of Gloucester County. The school offers a rainbow of services with grades ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade. Class sizes are small which allows for more personal and individualized instructional programs. This optimal learning environment has proven beneficial to our students who continue to strive to meet and exceed New Jersey’s standards of proficiency.

Wenonah School utilizes a discovery-oriented approach to our Science and Mathematics instruction, embedded in the Next Generation Science Standards and the NJ State Student Learning Standards. This problem centered approach to investigate and understand mathematical and science content has empowered our students to become more proficient at investigating and discovering science. By empowering the students to develop problem solving skills we enable them to realize the potential usefulness of science and mathematics in their lives.

We also utilize a Language Arts Literacy block that features an emphasis on reading and writing. Both of these skills are emphasized and utilized throughout all of our subjects in a cross-curricular format.

Grades K-4 are traditional elementary classrooms and grades 5th & 6th are departmentalized. Physical education, health, art, Spanish, technology and music are taught by our specialists.

Parent involvement and community partnership have been critical to our success here at Wenonah. We view our parents and community as partners whose vital role enhances our mission to shape each child’s educational program and social development. Parents are actively engaged in many of the activities in the school. They play a vital role in supporting the efforts of our professional staff. As a community centered school, we value the partnerships that we have built with our parents and know that involving all the stakeholders makes for a better school. The Wenonah School values its relationships with all of its constituents. We have developed and established a positive, healthy, learning-centered environment with the community. The stakeholders recognize and acknowledge the consistent quality education that is provided by the staff on a daily basis.

We strive each day to build on our success, provide the best resources, and deliver the most effective instruction possible to our children. Striving toward educational excellence is the challenge we face each and every day. It is a benchmark we are proud to have, and will continue to achieve!