Westville Boro Public School District (15-5740)

Westville Boro Public School District

The Westville School district serves students in Pre-school through Sixth grade and has been approved as a Choice District as of the 2013-2014 school year.
The district is dedicated to preparing elementary school students for the challenges of high school and the process of becoming independent learners. Teaching practices are aligned to the Core Curriculum Content Standards and the vision of MORE. Learning should be Meaningful, Ongoing, Relevant, and Engaging for all students.
With a focus on 21st century skills, students utilize, on a daily basis, iPads, chrome books, laptops, ipods, Smartboards, the computer lab, the wireless lab, calculators, and other technology.
The strong collaboration between school and home better prepares students to be successful to meet future challenges.

The Westville School District is proud of its dedicated staff and the wonderful students that attend Parkview Elementary School.