Hudson County Schools of Technology School District (17-2295)

Hudson County Schools of Technology School District

Our school district has always had extraordinary schools that accomplish extraordinary things with a diverse population of students. Our classrooms and schools are centered on creating learning environments that are exciting, concerned with honoring individuality and arming students and teachers with critical and creative thinking skills. Despite the success that is evidenced in our students' accomplishments the district has made a commitment to maintain and increase stakeholder participation. What we have done, and continue to do well is to create a "community based shared vision" of our district.

I'm really proud of the progress we have made these past 10 years. We continue to maintain a focus on teaching & learning and this has produced positive feedback from our community. Our district is in great shape academically and it's a place where students feel challenged and safe.

We continue to realize many successes and much growth, but we cannot today's competitive environment we must remain on the cutting edge while striving for continuous improvement. Not an easy task, but not insurmountable; continuous improvement offers one of the best guarantees to the future of our organization, as well as the students we teach. Our competition is catching up to us and as such we must create a "sense of urgency" within the organization. We need to distinguish ourselves from the competition in order not to be just another school of choice, but the school of choice.

I would like to invite you to visit our school's website, to see what is going on.

Feel free to e-mail your thoughts and/or questions to:, High Tech High, County Prep

Frank Gargiulo