The Secaucus School District is comprised of approximately 2,200 students in Grades Pre-School through twelve in the aptly coined “Jewel of the Meadowlands” community. Our Pre-School students are housed in a Secaucus Early Learning Center; our two elementary schools, Clarendon and Huber Street School, house students in Grades Kindergarten through Six; Secaucus Middle School is comprised of pupils in Grades Seven and Eight; and Secaucus High School is home to Grades Nine through Twelve.

The Secaucus School District is extremely fortunate to thrive in a diverse community that values and supports education. When the 2016-2017 academic year commences, our middle and high school students are going to school in a vastly expanded, state-of the-art Secaucus Middle and High School building that was expanded and enhanced thanks to a $27 million dollar referendum project. This referendum project included brand new Science and STEM Labs, separate areas for the middle and high school, additional classrooms, office suites, and a brand new gymnasium.

With this sparkling new facility serving as a platform to launch our ambitious middle and high school programs of studies; students are learning, growing, and flourishing within a rigorous academic environment. Secaucus High School will be kicking off a brand new “Physics First” school-wide delivery of the Science Curriculum with the ushering in of the new academic year. Under this new alignment, the delivery of science and mathematics courses are coordinated and complement each other. Freshman are enrolled in Physics Class in Science and Algebra in Mathematics, Sophomores in Chemistry and Geometry, Juniors in Biology and Algebra II, and Seniors select a Science elective to go along with Pre-Calculus. The merits of the program are that there will be a greater participation in various Advanced Placement Science and Mathematics courses for all students; our Juniors will be taking the NJBCT and scoring higher due to possessing a more prepared, deeper thinking orientation; and we will now be able to offer our STEM Academy students Advanced Placement Physics I during their Freshman year.

In addition to the Physics First delivery of the Science Program, Secaucus High School provides a rigorous, challenging, and all-encompassing course of studies designed to provide students with a well-rounded and stimulating high school academic experience. Numerous Advanced Placement Courses are offered, Media and STEM Academies exist within the school setting, courses such as Family Consumer Science are in place to insure students receive an all-encompassing education, and a full contingent of interscholastic sports and various clubs are offered to the student body.

Looking ahead to the 2016-2017 school year, the configuration of the elementary and middle schools will be re-aligned to assure a more developmentally focused delivery of instruction. The configuration of our two elementary schools will be changed from Grades K-6 to Grades K-5, while our middle school will move from Grades 7-8 to a more classic middle school alignment of Grades 6-8.

This is a very exciting time in the Secaucus School District. In addition to the newly expanded and enhanced middle and high school facility, there is a great deal to celebrate within the school community. Our high school students’ performance on Advanced Placement testing shows all all-time high in the percentage of pupils who scored at a level of 3 or higher. This past May our Secaucus High School Chapter of the Junior States of America (JSA) won recognition as the Top Junior States of America Chapter in the United States. In addition, our teachers have been selected to participate in curriculum writing through the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning and to present at state-wide conferences.

Throughout the School District, we make it a point to provide students with a comprehensive, interactive, and challenging delivery of the subject matter. This past school year we initiated a First Annual Day of Respect, Remembrance, and Reflection; a forum which allowed our impressionable students the opportunity to be addressed by individuals who overcame tremendous adversity to ultimately make the world we live in a better place. Among the presenters on this special day were the parent of a Sandy Hook School victim, an American soldier who liberated a concentration camp during World War II, a rescuer of both the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and the Terrorist Attacks of 2001, and the victim of a distracted driver who has tirelessly advocated for stricter laws for cell phone usage while driving.

The Secaucus Schools are most fortunate to enjoy positive partnerships within the school and township communities. Each of our four schools has a thriving Parent Teacher Association; the school district maintains an exemplary shared services relationship with the Secaucus Municipal Government; and the school district maintains close ties with the New Jersey Legislature, where our fourth students are afforded annual tours of the legislative chambers and our high school students were recognized on the Floor of the New Jersey General Assembly for their achievement.

Our school district is an exciting place where students can learn, grow, and flourish in a stimulating educational environment that promotes meeting the needs of all learners and providing future citizens with a comprehensive and well-rounded education that will prepare them for life as leaders of the 21st Century.