Bethlehem Township School District (19-0370)

Bethlehem Township School District

Bethlehem Township (19-0370)
Bethlehem Township is one of the northwest townships of Hunterdon County and was incorporated in 1798. Its original boundaries encompassed the present townships of Kingwood, Alexandria, Franklin, Union and Holland. The Musconetcong River forms its northern border with Warren County. The northern half of the Township consists of the beautiful Musconetcong Valley while the southern half encompasses the Musconetcong Mountains.

The district consists of two schools: The Thomas B. Conley School and the Ethel Hoppock Middle School. Our middle school earned New Jersey Reward Status from the NJDOE in 2012. Upon promotion from the middle school, the students go to either North Hunterdon or Voorhees High School which have both received National Blue Ribbon awards of Excellence from the United States Department of Education. During the 2016-2017 school year our district will enroll students from surrounding communities as a part of the Choice School Program. Bethlehem Township School District remains an extremely popular choice for families that live in both Hunterdon and Warren Counties as evidenced by the amount of Choice School applications.

Over the past five years, the students in our district have performed exceptionally well on the state tests with a large percentage scoring in the advanced proficient range in both math and science. Data from the high schools also indicate that our graduates continue to achieve at a high rate in ninth grade classes. We are in the fifth year of the research-based Super Kids literature program in our primary grades which has accelerated the development of reading fluency of our students. With the earlier development of fluency, we have been able to work on teaching reading comprehension strategies through close reading activities in the lower grades. Each grade level team uses both formative and summative data to create targeted lessons developed to increase student achievement. The instructional delivery for the students involves lessons that incorporate differentiated instruction, problem solving, and collaboration, creativity, and communication. The model for differentiated instruction is based upon Carol Tomlinson's research and our staff is extensively trained in the cooperative learning model.

This past summer the district offered its fifth year of enrichment activities that were developed and taught by our staff members. During the school year we support various programs, clubs, and activities that address the various intelligences and interests of our students. This year we will continue to incorporate our iPads in all instructional areas and prepare our students for the challenging informational texts they will encounter in high school and beyond. Our district has also made a commitment to implement the Next Generation Science Standards by using elementary science specialists who will work with our K-5 graders in a laboratory facility.

The Bethlehem Township School District is a great place for children to grow and learn. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive education to our students and developing the Whole Child. We have not cut programs in music, art, library, enrichment, and interscholastic sports because we believe in their importance in a well-balanced education. Our district expanded its programs to include one to one iPad deployment in grades K-8, Science, Technology, Enrichment, and Math (STEM) classes in our middle school, and small class sizes. We are extremely proud of what we do and pride ourselves on improving every day.