Bloomsbury School District (19-0430)

Bloomsbury School District

The Bloomsbury School District is a PK - 8 district located in rural Hunterdon County. Secondary students attend nearby Phillipsburg High School. The district itself is governed by a five member Board of Education with representation and voting privileges on the Phillipsburg Board of Education. Administration of the district is maintained by a shared Superintendent, a full time Principal, and shared School Business Administrator. All classrooms in the district are housed in one building, the Bloomsbury Elementary School.

The district participates in the Inter-district Public School Choice Program, having been approved on November 2, 1999 as one of the first ten districts statewide to participate in the program. Seats in the program for non-district students are specified by the district and are allocated by lottery, with tuition paid for participating students by the New Jersey Department of Education. Bloomsbury remains cognizant of maintaining ideal class sizes while accepting students from neighboring districts. The average class size during the 2015-16 school year was 12 students, which appeals to many choice parents.

The district is able to meet the needs of all learners including those with special education requirements through a primarily inclusive program. Differentiated instruction ensures that all students are challenged and provided engaging instruction. Equity for students is guaranteed through individualized education plans along with the nurturing disposition of the faculty and staff.

The district understands the importance of supporting and maintaining the home/school connection. Individual voice mailboxes and email accounts are available for every staff member to allow for greater communication. The district website (, along with our parent portal, individual teacher websites, and school-wide virtual backpack ensure that parents are aware of what is going on in their child’s classroom at all times. Various opportunities are provided during the year for parents to participate and volunteer during the school day. An active Parent Teacher Organization provides much needed fundraising opportunities along with enrichment activities for the students. Our Apple Core Behavior Plan Program also works with community members, faculty, and parents to enrich our students with essential core character traits to help our students succeed on a social and academic level.

Professional development opportunities are provided to staff and faculty to increase their knowledge and keep them abreast of the latest educational research and best practices in education. All students have wireless internet access and the Media Center is utilized in various capacities pertaining to technology, whether whole group, individualized, or paired instruction. Promethean Active Boards are utilized in all instructional areas and are present in every single classroom in the building.

The district’s greatest asset is the continued devotion and commitment of the Board of Education, administration and the faculty toward the students of the Bloomsbury District. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions you may have about the district programs.