Clinton Township School District (19-0920)

Clinton Township School District

Clinton Township is a rural community located in the northeast section of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Clinton Township is Hunterdon County’s third largest municipality covering an area of 33 square miles. The Township had an estimated population of 13,158 in 2014. The Township includes Annandale, Lebanon, parts of Clinton Town and parts of High Bridge. Clinton Township is bordered by the Townships of Raritan, Readington, Tewksbury, Lebanon and Franklin, as well as the Borough of High Bridge and the Town of Clinton. Clinton Township also completely surrounds the Borough of Lebanon (0.9 square miles) which is a separate municipality. Major highways traversing the Township include U.S. Routes 78 and 22, and State Highway Route 31.

Clinton Township School District is a PreK-8 district with a total school population of 1,408 students as of March 15, 2016, as per the Application for School State Aid. This includes non-tuition paying Clinton Township residents educated in our district, special education students sent to out-of-district placements, preschoolers for whom parents pay tuition, and seventh and eighth grade students received from Lebanon Borough.

Clinton Township School District has four schools. Spruce Run School houses students from preschool through grade one. Patrick McGaheran School houses students in grades two and three. Round Valley School houses students in grades four, five, and six. Clinton Township Middle School houses students in grades seven and eight. Lebanon Borough, a PreK-6 school district, sends their students in grades seven and eight to Clinton Township Middle School, with tuition paid for attendance. Clinton Township School District students attend grades 9-12 in the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District.

The State of New Jersey has included Clinton Township School District in the District Factor Group “I,” which is the second highest grouping in the measure of a community’s relative socioeconomic status. In 2013-14, the Clinton Township School District was designated a “High Performing District” by the State of New Jersey Department of Education (the highest designation that can be achieved) as a result of the district’s participation in the state-mandated Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) performance review.

The guiding principle of the district is “Where Children Come First.” The school district has a strong success orientation, which is effectively balanced by an actively supportive environment. Expectations for students, staff, and administrators are high.

Clinton Township School District has had a long-term commitment to education for all students. Providing differentiated instruction, which addresses the diverse needs and interests of our students, is one of our highest priorities. Our special needs students are included in the heterogeneous general education classes. Teams of teachers collaborate and develop plans to meet the needs of students.

Instruction is supported through a comprehensive technology plan. Classrooms have Internet access. Schools have computer labs and/or carts which allow students to access technology for coursework. Many classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology and Chromebooks.

The support of our students’ families is an important factor in our schools. District staff continually communicates with family members and encourages them to participate in school activities. This is evident by the support the district receives through the active partnership with the Clinton Township Parent Teacher Association and the Clinton Township Foundation for Educational Excellence.

The district’s success involves many levels of teamwork, including a highly qualified staff, dedicated Board of Education members and administrators, and supportive parents and community members. We are proud of the many achievements realized through the hard work of all of the Clinton Township School District students and stakeholders.